Always-On Petabyte Storage

A New Era of Worry-Free Data Management

No downtime on data

Downtime has been a plague on IT for as long as IT has existed. And the risks and consequences have become more severe than ever in the age of 24×7 operations, global ecommerce, and unified platforms across geographies. If your system goes down, so does your business, along with the hard-won trust and goodwill of your customers. No wonder nearly half of top IT pros rank downtime as their #1 problem. It’s everyone’s dream to be rid of it for good. Well, it’s time to break out the champagne—because zero downtime just became a reality.

No misprint here: It gives us great pleasure to announce Scality HALO Cloud Monitor—with a guarantee of 100% uptime for petabyte-scale Scality RING deployments along with Scality S3 products.

Turnkey 24/7 Monitoring to Transform Your Business

Scality HALO monitors your storage environment in real time, shows you exactly how it’s performing, and generates predictive analytics to ensure your storage systems stay optimized. You have full access to hundreds of diagnostic metrics, customizable dashboards, and expanded support options—including proactive alarms that alert you to abnormal events, so faults can be averted before they occur and performance always stays at its peak. The alarming capabilities can be configured to your specific use cases and needs.

The Scality HALO premium version, included with our Dedicated Care Service (DCS) support package, monitors your entire RING and all its components (connectors, disks, nodes, BizIODs, and buckets). The sheer quantity and detail of data collected and analyzed gives you a comprehensive view of all levels of the RING.

Comprehensive Proactive Alarms

Scality HALO’s alarming system evolves through a machine learning process that harnesses past values to forecast a range of expected ones. If and when changes in object behavior occur that exceed KPIs, alarms are triggered. KPIs are predefined based on Scality’s analysis of vast quantities of historical data, and can also be customized by you.

Scality HALO Cloud Monitor heralds nothing less than a new era of worry-free petabyte storage.

Scality ARTESCA Screenshot

Simple, secure object-storage software for S3 applications

Who it’s for:

Application owners, DevOps and edge builders who need super-easy deployment and management without sacrificing enterprise-class capabilities

Ideal for any combination of:

Backups and ransomware protection, AI/ML applications, edge applications, enterprise data services


100% software. Start small, grow to petabytes. Deploy fast on VMs or standard servers. High durability data and ransomware protection. Data replication. Hybrid-cloud capable. Super-low entrypoint pricing.



Constructs lower-cost, high-density scalable storage



Fortune 500 Logitech streamlines enterprise backup


National Library of Scotland

EEntrusts cultural treasures to Scality RING

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