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In today’s data-driven world, the ability to harness vast amounts of data to generate actionable insights is a key competitive advantage. AI data lakes are revolutionizing how businesses analyze data, driving innovation, operational efficiency, and strategic decision-making.

But developing a modern, powerful, and efficient data lake infrastructure doesn’t come without challenges.


Single, scalable repository

When aggregating data from myriad external sources into a data lake, silos can result.

Secure multi-tenancy

All collected data must remain private and accessible only to the right users and applications.

High-performance access

Concurrent fast ingest and access from different sources is required all at the same time.

Resiliency & availability

Assured access to the data lake is critical for timely decision-making and competitive advantage. 

AI-driven success starts with Scality RING

With its long track record of success and continuous innovation, RING provides the ideal foundation for customers looking to build resilient, feature-rich data pipelines — without sacrificing easy scalability or the flexibility to adapt to ever-evolving requirements.

RING provides customers with the foundational capabilities to make massive scale AI data lakes a reality. Collect petabytes of data from external sources and store it all in a single repository that can grow to unbounded levels, while ensuring data is kept resilient and 100% available.  

To secure all of this data, the system is built in conformance with zero-trust design principles with AWS IAM-based authentication & access control, plus strong data encryption to provide end-to-end cyber resilience. RING delivers high performance for data ingest and access on your choice of hybrid or all-flash storage servers.

RING securely aggregates data from all phases of your AI data pipeline into a single, scalable, high-performance data lake.


Unmatched scalability, flexibility and performance at a fraction of the cost

speed of data access

Grow without limits

Proven in production by customers worldwide, RING enables you to collect and aggregate data in a single, unbounded S3 object store that can scale from 100s of TB to 100s of PB. Grow seamlessly and non-disruptively as your needs increase.

lower cost of data

Stay flexible

RING’s scale-out, disaggregated architecture is configurable as needed to optimize performance and capacity, Built-in S3 object and standard NFS, SMB file system access interfaces provide seamless integration and adaptability.

speed of data access

Achieve high performance

Ingesting data from numerous sources and external feeds is easy with RING’s ability to drive 100s of concurrent ingest streams with 10s of GB/sec of throughput and high ops per second. RING leverages flash for metadata access to accelerate common S3 operations.

speed of data access

Search metadata efficiently

RING supports user and application extensible metadata tagging, with integrated UI and API-based metadata search capabilities to quickly and efficiently find required objects based on metadata attribute values, ensuring streamlined data management and improved search accuracy.

lower cost of data

Protect data from any threat

Scality is the only solution with CORE5 cyber-resilient, multi-tenant capabilities, plus API-level object locking, AES 256-bit data encryption, secure connections to HTTPS endpoints, AWS-compatible v4 authentication and IAM model with user policies for access control.

lower cost of data

Drive down costs

Enjoy the lowest cost of ownership for AI data lakes thanks to super-efficient erasure-code-based data protection mechanisms, usable capacity-based subscription licensing, and the freedom to deploy on cost-effective hybrid flash/HDD or performance-optimized all-flash storage servers.

Data-rich organizations

across industries trust Scality


lower TCO with 366% ROI


more productive end users


faster IT agility to deploy new storage

“Selecting Scality was the best decision for us. RING provides the complete package of features for AI-powered data lakes.”

Alban Lemine
IS and Bioinformatics Director
SeqOIA Médecine Génomique

“We have solved our analytics processing needs through a two-tier storage solution, with all-flash access of temporary hot data sets and long-term persistent storage in RING. We trust RING to protect petabytes of mission-critical data that enable us to carry out our mission.”

Alban Lemine
IS and Bioinformatics Director
SeqOIA Médecine Génomique

3 to 5x lower cost

than all-flash storage

1,000x faster query performance

across billions of files

An intelligent data lake, powered by Scality RING, helped HPE achieve 1,000x faster query response times with a 52% increase on a data ingestion rate of 4 to 5 terabytes per day.

“The solution is revolutionizing our users’ ability to do their jobs with speed and ease.”

Dan Kortenhoeven
Senior systems engineer

Build your AI data lake on the best.

By choosing Scality RING as the foundation for your AI data lake, you’re investing in a future-proof solution that effortlessly adapts to meet the demands of AI/ML workloads.

RING’s scalable architecture, high performance, and robust security features ensure your data lake can grow with your business, providing continuous value and insights.

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