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Data management, storage & cloud readiness for medical imaging archives, genomics data & backup

Nowhere is data more critical than in healthcare, and it’s fueling an astounding transformation — from healthcare to health, from treatment to prevention. 

Every second of every day, an exponential amount of healthcare data — ranging from personal health information and genetic sequences to radiological images and even video footage of surgical procedures — is created and mined for valuable insights.In fact, approximately 30% of the world’s data volume is being generated by the healthcare industry. By 2025, the compound annual growth rate of healthcare data will reach 36% — that’s 6% faster than manufacturing, 10% faster than financial services, and 11% faster than media and entertainment.

This explosion comes with a host of security and privacy concerns, limited flexibility, shadow IT issues and intense cost-savings pressure. Departmental PACS and storage silos make consistent data management, security and availability a huge challenge.

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Medical Imaging Archive

Scality RING ensures efficient medical imaging workflow while lowering TCO.

Healthcare data pain points

Technology refresh cycles

In 2016, US hospitals managed one exabyte of medical imaging data. That data is now growing at 50% per year.

Data privacy

Regulatory oversight governing retention, availability, privacy and security is increasing — for good reason. 89% of healthcare providers have suffered a data breach. In 2020 alone, healthcare data breaches spiked 55%.

Value extraction

The fact that health, well-being and even lives depend on data is clear, yet 80% of healthcare providers don’t yet have a data management strategy.

Increasing costs

Imaging costs amount to more than $100 billion per year. Currently 7.5-10% of total medical costs are imaging-related.

Cloud initiatives

Hospitals want the services and cost advantages of cloud computing and storage, but cloud — and its integration into the healthcare workflow — must be simple, secure and manageable.

Data access

Uptime and 100% availability are critical to patient care and clinician satisfaction.

Why Scality for healthcare data storage and management

Having the right storage in place for healthcare data affects both individual patient care and institutional efficiency. For clinicians to make faster, more accurate diagnosis and to help researchers develop life-changing therapies, they must have access to massive amounts of data collected over long periods of time.

At Scality, we’ve designed a data management ecosystem to protect and propel our healthcare customers into the digital age. Scality specializes in protecting and managing huge volumes of unstructured data, both on-premise and in public clouds. We’re a trusted partner to a diverse range of healthcare companies across the globe.

“Scality has taken the problem of archiving data away from me — they’ve eliminated that worry. And anything I don’t have to worry about is a good thing.”
Markus Müller

Head of data center management, University Hospital Basel

“The performance meets all user expectations. It’s so good, in fact, that we’re getting lots of requests from multiple departments to put new workloads on the Scality RING.”
Renaud Masse


Scality solutions for the healthcare industry offer:


Scality supports growth of big data to dozens of petabytes and beyond. Scale out seamlessly as your performance and capacity needs grow — without downtime or disruption of access.

Acting as a single, distributed system, the RING scales limitlessly and linearly across thousands of servers, multiple sites, and an unlimited number of objects.


For maximum compatibility and cost-savings, Scality software is designed for deployment on industry-standard x64 server platform hardware, disk drives and standard IP networks. By riding on the declining cost of commodity hardware, the cost of healthcare technology and ownership is minimized.

Unlike conventional storage, our design enables worry-free capacity expansion, upgrade and swap-out as data is managed by the software, not tied to appliance form factors.

Scality supports regulatory requirements for healthcare privacy and security with secure multi-tenancy with AWS compatible identity and access management (IAM) signature v4 authentication, access control and industry-standard AES256 encryption.

To support customers’ needs for ransomware protection, Scality RING and ARTESCA offer data immutability support enabled by the Amazon S3 Object Lock API. This defense renders data impervious to attacks by preventing it from being deleted or overwritten for a period of time (or indefinitely).


With both object and native file capabilities to broaden utility, Scality is proven with the applications that healthcare institutions already use, including PACS, VNAs, backup applications and more.

Leverage storage and compute resources across a broad range of options with no data lock-in.


Scality enables 100% availability — during hardware failures, software upgrades, and capacity expansion (even across hardware generations).

Complete UI-based system-level management and monitoring of all data services, data health, cloud workflows and hardware platform health help make data more visible. Comprehensive analytics provide detailed metrics for utilization reporting and informed decision-making.


Medical imaging archive

Faster data access improves patient outcomes


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