Media content delivery

Stream digital media at hyperscale

Maintain high-speed content delivery with unlimited capacity

Consumers expect their favorite content delivered on any device without disruption. To meet the demand, IT organizations in the media and entertainment industry rely on technologies that provide predictable data rates and fast access to stored assets.

Media providers are creating content on such a massive scale that legacy storage can’t handle the volume or justify the expense. Scality offers a cost-effective and reliable solution to manage, archive, deliver and stream billions of content assets while putting the lid on excessive transactional fees.

“Scality enabled us to stretch across our own data centers and two co-locations. This, plus the density of HPE Apollo, allowed us to address fourteen-nines durability and data retrieval times, offering one hundred percent availability.”
Scott Jolly

Head of operations, Mediahub Australia

Solution Sheet

Scality RING for Video on Demand

Storage is at the heart of successful Video on Demand (VoD) service. Profitability and performance go hand-in-hand. Store more for less. Scality’s Media & Entertainment Solutions deliver.

Did you know?


of downstream traffic on the internet comes from video accounts

Estimated global value of the media and entertainment storage market by 2027*

Estimated annual value of the media and entertainment industry in the U.S.*

Scality provides nearline media archive storage for content distribution that can perform at scale

lower cost of data

Mixed media workflows

Single platform capable of aggregating a wide range of media application data types, including new 4K/8K content
lower cost of data

Supports new streaming modes

DVR and live TV through scale-out and flash buffering for lowest latency
lower cost of data

Utmost resilience and integrity

Up to 14 nines data durability and bit-perfect data integrity assurance for long-term asset preservation

With Scality your business gains

lower cost of data

Significant cost savings

Hosted on commodity x64 servers, software-only model enables the consolidation of multiple media storage silos (silo elimination)

Data storage server

Proven technology

Used by global media studios, broadcasters, post-production and telco streaming providers

Data integrity

Extensive ecosystem

Tight partnerships with leading media and entertainment applications vendors to ensure interoperability


Bloomberg Media Group

Cloud media across hybrid & multi-cloud environments



Relies on Scality RING for efficient content distribution



Hyperscale storage needs for video distribution

Safeguard your data with world-class backup application partners

Scality integrates with the most respected backup providers and solutions. Explore our partner ecosystem.


Broadpeak and Scality: Powering Cloud DVR

Together, Broadpeak and Scality offer an integrated solution that enables TV service providers to deliver a feature-rich, always-on cloud DVR service at the low cost with the scalability and resiliency required to maintain 24×7 service.

Flexible and modular, the Broadpeak solution is built around a high performance recorder (with built-in caching) managed by a recording manager for overseeing the copy policy and the scheduling of the recordings. Storage costs are optimized by using on-the-fly packaging and by leveraging Scality’s RING storage.


Media Hub with HPE and Scality RING

Media Hub Australia develops solutions to transform content management for broadcasters, to meet the requirements of the industry and their customers by providing storage and access to rapidly expanding archives

hpe storage solution with splunk

Scality, HPE and Media Hub

MediaHub Australia develops solution to transform content management for broadcasters.
Now that MediaHub has such a robust, technologically advanced solution to meet the exacting needs of its customers, present and future, the possibilities for continued expansion and success are endless.


Media and entertainment

Content distribution with optimized media workflows



One client’s story with Scality


Ctera and Scality

Work in sync with your storage solution

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