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Store and protect your data, your way

No matter what you build, a solid foundation is vital to success.

Today’s digital economy demands that a modern data architecture rest on a solid, scalable storage foundation.

Forward-thinking IT leaders insist on another indispensable requirement: The ability to quickly and seamlessly respond to change.

The common approach to data storage focuses on solving current needs. But it fails to easily accommodate hard-to-predict challenges and requirements — things like supply chain disruptions, unforeseen workloads and explosive data growth.

Scality’s approach, by design, enables you to easily change course, grow faster than planned, and execute new business ideas quicker — because that’s what it takes to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Smart storage architecture that stands the test of time adapts to ever-evolving needs

Hyperscale distributed systems
Seamless growth to meet any capacity or high-performance need. No single points of failure.

Data availability, durability & security
Unbreakable long-term data protection. Always-on access. Zero downtime. Immutable against ransomware.

Hybrid-cloud storage management
Visibility and access to data, no matter where it lives. One or more data centers, edge and public clouds.

One-to-many use cases
Scale out to multiple applications in one system. Secure multi-tenancy. Eliminate silos and increase efficiency.

100% software
Hardware-agnostic, future-proof, enterprise-grade.

Cloud-style economics
Subscription model based on usable capacity. Deploys on industry-standard x64 platforms.


Complete, integrated solutions for any workload

Scality customers benefit from the best and broadest integrations in the data ecosystem. Our partnerships with 130+ application providers — plus alliances with leading hardware and platform manufacturers — produce complete, fully integrated solutions that exceed requirements and allow customers to easily adapt to future needs.

Scality is — and always will be — engineering-centric and research-focused in service of our customers. We don’t do hype. We deliver proven solutions you can count on.

“Scality RING remains one of the top choices for object storage deployments where very large-scale, geographical distribution, hardware independence and flexibility are IT leaders’ highest priorities.”

Peer Review

“RING has a great track record for traditional object storage workloads and throughput while the new ARTESCA is well positioned to meet the needs of users asking for a platform able to support next-generation applications and deployments, including edge, IoT and high-performance workloads.”

Enrico Signoretti

Senior Analyst, GigaOM

“ARTESCA is a next-generation object store able to target a broader range of workloads at scale… Outstanding performance with reasonable storage costs.”

2022 GigaOm Radar

High-Performance Object Storage

IDC on the business value of Scality RING*


faster IT agility to deploy new storage


more efficient IT infrastructure staff


more productive end users


more productive analytics teams


more storage capacity available


reduced cost of storage capacity


five-year ROI


reduced total cost of operations

Scality customers are realizing significant value by utilizing Scality RING object storage to support their key business applications and workloads.
*IDC, The Business Value of Scality RING Object Storage

93% of ransomware attacks target backups.

Achieve multi-level immutable data protection, lightning-fast performance and zero downtime or data loss.

Our products

Since 2009, leading enterprises have relied on Scality RING file and object storage software to scale capacity beyond petabytes — independent of performance. Cybersecurity-obsessed, cost-conscious organizations in 50+ countries worldwide use RING for unified storage management from cloud to core to edge.

Scality ARTESCA — the simplest and most secure S3 object storage software for immutable backups — launched in 2021 and is designed for fast deployment and easy management on standard servers or virtual machines. Manage, access and protect your backup data the worry-free way — no deep storage or OS experience required. 

Scality RING Screenshot

The leading scale-out file & object storage software solution

Who it’s for:

Enterprises and service providers creating modern cloud data centers

Ideal for any combination of:

Long-term backups and ransomware protection, data archives, big data analytics, custom applications, content & collaboration, media content delivery, medical imaging archives


100% software, Unified S3 object and file storage. Non-disruptive infinite scale out. High data durability and availability. Hybrid-cloud capable. Future-proof with cloud-style economics.

Scality ARTESCA Screenshot

Simple, secure S3 object-storage software for immutable backups

Who it’s for:

Backup application managers who need a cyber-resilient backup solution with enterprise-class data protection capabilities, plus fast deployment and easy management 

Ideal for:

Immutable, ransomware-proof backups


100% software. Start small, grow to 5 petabytes. Deploy fast on standard servers or VMs. High durability data and ransomware protection. Data replication. Super-low entrypoint pricing.

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