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When it comes to ransomware risk, no one is immune and everyone is a target. It’s not a matter of “if” but when.

Today, an infection occurs every 11 seconds. By 2031, it’s estimated that there will be a new attack every two seconds, costing victims $265 billion annually — a cost increase of 30% every year.*

Never worry about data. Never pay ransoms.

Even if your company can afford a ransom payment, you simply can’t afford to lose your most precious asset: your data

Thanks to Scality’s unbreakable cloud storage for data centers, data loss is something our customers simply don’t have to worry about.

Scality solutions defend your data against ransomware — plus other threats like planned/unplanned outages, software bugs, failure events, and natural disasters — so it’s always 100% available and never lost.

Gartner Report Ransomware

How to protect backup systems from ransomware attacks

The latest Gartner report uncovers the best options to help IT leaders thwart ransomware attacks and facilitate recovery.

“In an environment where there are large volumes of invaluable data, we needed a ransomware-proof backup solution that was easy and quick to implement while also being capable of infinite scaling up as data and use cases increase. Working with Scality has been brilliant.”
Stuart Lewis

Associate Director of digital, National Library of Scotland

Did you know?


of U.S. infosec pros believe ransomware is as serious as terrorism*


of IT organizations are predicted to face one or more attacks by 2025*

Average ransomware attack recovery cost in 2021*

Total global ransomware cost in 2021*

Estimated annual cost to victims by 2031*

Average company downtime post-attack*

The key to ransomware protection is Object Lock

Organizations that are proactive about protection and well-prepared to recover know that a strong data backup plan is more important than ever, and S3 Object Lock functionality is the key.

Object Lock assures the safety of your backup data by rendering it immutable (impervious to deletion or modification) and, therefore, hardened to malicious encryption.

When you restore from an immutable backup repo, recovery from an attack is swift and simple. It’s your insurance policy against ransomware.

Modernizing medical imaging archives for simplified data management

Why object storage should be part of your anti-ransomware arsenal

Explore the three key ways object storage protects your data, and get tips on how to vet solutions when choosing your backup and recovery infrastructure.

Learn more about strategies to thwart ransomware threats

Prevent attacks, recover quickly

Scality customers can comply with confidence

Why SEC 17a-4 compliance matters when vetting a storage solution for data immutability

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How companies can make storage part of their backup and disaster recovery strategy

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National Library of Scotland

Entrusts cultural treasures to Scality RING



Ensures data availability for the electric utility



Scality helps advance efficient & intelligent mobility

Super immunity against ransomware = Scality + Veeam

Want air-gapped, tamper-proof backup data that stays immutable (and immune!) to ransomware? You can have it, plus unlimited linear scale, 14×9s of durability, 100% availability, and low TCO — no proprietary hardware platform lock-in required.

With Scality RING with S3 Object Lock as your backup repository for Veeam Backup & Replication, you get high speed, scalable and ransomware-immune data protection.

The combined solution’s multiple protection layers safeguard your data against any type of malicious attack or natural disaster.


Lock your backup repo for ultimate ransomware protection

See Scality and Veeam’s combined solution in action, and discover how easy it is to ensure your backup repo is immutable and ransomware-proof.

hpe storage solution with splunk

National Library of Scotland’s journey in addressing ransomware and grey hair.

Libraries are not typically known to be innovators when it comes to new technology however the National Library of Scotland became trail blazers when they looked for a new solution to the storage and archiving of valuable national cultural collections.

Solution Sheet

Veeam and Scality

Scality and Veeam® have partnered to build a joint high-availability solution for enterprises that delivers recovery time and point objectives for all applications and data.

Solution Sheet

Ransomware Protection
with Scality and Veeam

Eliminate data loss and thwart ransomware threats with enterprise-grade data protection. A bullet-proof insurance policy for your data.

White Paper

Using Veeam with Scality RING

Scality S3 has been verified as a Veeam Ready – Object target. Verified object storage solutions have been tested with Veeam Backup and Replication Cloud Tier features.


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Scality secures growing petabyte-scale backups


Veeam and Scality

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