Build the cloud your data dreams of…

Reliable. Secure. Sustainable. It’s the cloud your data deserves.

Solve your data challenges, once and for all.

With Scality storage software for hybrid, private and public clouds, you get infrastructure that keeps up with your needs — now and as you grow.

Flexible scale

Massive, unpredictable growth? Bring it on

Scale out capacity and performance independently and infinitely. Whether you’ve got one PB or 100+, five applications or 500 — Scality adapts.

Unbreakable cybersecurity

The way a shared storage environment should be

Ours is designed for secure multi-tenancy via AWS-compatible IAM, so you never have to worry about issues around data privacy or protection.

Cloud-style economics

But without the hidden fees and high management costs

Scality’s software-defined, pay-as-you-grow model means no lock-in, no surprises. One admin can manage PBs of data on industry-standard servers.

“For every MSP holding data on behalf of customers, and even the CIO of an enterprise organization whose responsibility is to ensure that they protect the organization’s data, Scality’s immutability features and resilience features are absolutely critical.”

Craig Somerville

CEO and Founder, Somerville

The only all-in-one platform built for creators of unbreakable cloud data centers

Private & hybrid clouds

S3-compatible shared storage

for enterprises


  • Use S3-as-a-service for multiple applications (backup, analytics, video and document repository archives)
  • Hybrid-cloud replication to maintain a cloud D/R site in AWS, Azure, Google or regional cloud provider
  • Tiering to offload dormant data to AWS Glacier or Azure Cool Storage
  • Media workflows to public cloud for CDN services
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  • Comprehensive AWS-compatible S3 object storage, assured app compatibility and easy management
  • 100s of apps, billions of files, 10s to 100s of petabytes
  • Secure IAM multi-tenancy for data privacy
  • Multi-tenant consumption reporting for internal chargeback
  • Simple single-system view management
Public clouds

S3-compatible shared storage

for service providers


  • Use S3-as-a-service for multiple applications (backup, analytics, video and document repository archives)
  • Hybrid-cloud replication to maintain a cloud D/R site in AWS, Azure, Google or regional cloud provider
  • Tiering to offload dormant data to AWS Glacier or Azure Cool Storage
  • Media workflows to public cloud for CDN services
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  • Secure S3 object storage over HTTPS (TLS)
  • 1 to 1000s of customer accounts with secure multi-tenancy, data privacy and QoS
  • 100 billions of files in 1000s of buckets, 10s to 100s of PBs
  • Low-cost economics to compete with hyper-scale cloud services
  • Multi-tenant consumption reporting to support billing
  • Partner Ready Certified for VMware Cloud Director (Object Storage Extension)
  • Simple single-system view management

Scalable. Secure. Software. Scality RING.

Join the most data-informed organizations on the planet.

Operational costs reduced by 1/3. Revenue up by 30-40%. Effortless management of 220 billion files and growing.

These are just some of the amazing results Scality cloud builders achieve.

“We have made very good progress in standing up not only a product, but really a whole infrastructure solution that can add the scale we need for all of the changes coming in the future.”

Loic Barbou

Consultant, Bloomberg

“Scality met our TCO requirements and allowed us to greatly reduce our cost of cloud storage. In terms of performance, Scality definitely delivers, so we’re very satisfied.”

Philippe Moreaux

Head of private & hybrid cloud infrastructure, Orange

Why Scality is a better way to do cloud

We’ve thought of everything.

Your storage infrastructure must be capable of adapting to handle the unpredictable — all at the lowest possible cost and highest level of service, durability and cybersecurity. Scality is scalable in all critical dimensions: capacity, performance, new applications and data locations.

Delivering 100% uptime, enterprise-grade security with bulletproof ransomware protection and utmost resilience at low TCO, RING is the storage foundation for your smart, flexible cloud data architecture — and the most comprehensive S3 object storage on the market.

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Our solution offers the highest levels of compatibility provided by an on-premises system with the AWS cloud, meaning you can count on your applications working flawlessly with Scality S3 storage.


  • S3 API support including all bucket and object operations, plus advanced APIs for object locking, replication, lifecycle management, versioning, encryption and more
  • AWS-compatible identity and access management for secure multi-tenancy and a seamless experience
  • Optimized S3 metadata engine tuned to the access patterns and performance profiles of S3 applications
  • Hybrid-cloud namespace enables replication or lifecycle transitioning of data to any location, whether stored on Scality, a supported public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google or CSP) or tape
  • VMware Cloud Director integration allows service providers to provision and manage Scality object storage directly from VMware’s market-leading cloud orchestration platform

We’re the most secure.

Deploying shared infrastructure in a cloud environment offers major benefits (hello, cost savings and resource efficiency!). But it also introduces data security concerns.

Scality’s trusted solution enables secure multi-tenancy via AWS-compatible identity and access management (IAM) for unbreakable cybersecurity. Multi-level, immutable ransomware protection assures you never have to fear data loss or negotiate with cybercriminals.

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Scality S3aaS security capabilities:


  • Comprehensive AWS-compatible multi-tenancy for secure management of accounts, users, groups, roles and policies
  • Immutability via S3 Object Lock with configurable data retention policies and compliance mode
  • Over-the-wire data encryption via HTTPS (TLS)
  • AES 256-bit data encryption-at-rest with support for key management systems (KMS) over standard KMIP API
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) with 5 predefined levels of administrative roles, each with specific access controls
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for secure UI logins, plus automated firewall rules on deployment
  • Security-hardened OS
  • Asynchronous replication to a remote Scality target, cloud or tape for D/R or air-gapping

We’re efficient…in more ways than one.

Cloud operators needs efficient solutions, both in terms of operations and economics. Scality delivers. Our customers report 59% reduction in TCO, 366% 5-year ROI and 31% more efficient IT infrastructure staff.

By harnessing the power (and visibility) of a single, unified system that’s proven to scale to massive capacities, you lower the burden and cost of management while maintaining agility. Our AWS-compatible IAM management experience makes things so simple that just one admin can easily manage a 10PB+ RING. But that’s not all.

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  • Intuitive UI provides simple portal-style management APIs with dashboards for a range of health status views, from high-level to heavily-detailed
  • Automated management and monitoring via REST APIs make it easy to build automation tools, scripts or apps
  • Super durable and space-efficient data protection via industry-leading erasure coding, data integrity assurance and self-healing mechanisms
  • Consumption-based utilization reporting gives insights into capacity and performance per site/account/user
  • Integration with VMware Cloud Director supports provisioning and monitoring of Scality storage from vCloud UI
  • 100% software-defined approach leverages standard x64 hardware
  • Cloud-style subscription pricing based on usable capacity makes things straightforward and affordable

We’re proven at massive scale.

Since 2009, Scality RING has enabled efficient and non-disruptive growth for 500+ global enterprises and cloud service providers, including:

  • 10 of the top 20 Telcos & CSPs
  • 10 of the 20 largest financial institutions
  • 50+ large hospital systems
  • Government organizations in 24 countries

Proven to scale to 100PB+ and 100s of billions of objects in a single system, RING’s S3 performance scales out to match capacity — even for high-churn workloads that would make other systems buckle.

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Other object storage solutions lack comprehensive S3 API support to provide application compatibility. Gaps in multi-tenancy support and security leave them exposed to ransomware. And they’re not proven at enterprise cloud-scale in customer production environments.

The tried-and-true scalability, cybersecurity, performance, availability and flexibility of Scality lets you rest easy, knowing your cloud is built on the best.

You can’t scale without a foundation that scales with you.

By 2026, large enterprises will triple their unstructured data capacity across on-premises, edge and public cloud locations, compared to 2023.*

Stay flexible. Stay cybersecure. Stay on-budget.

Build your cloud on the best.







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