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Solve data fragmentation at petabyte scale with smart, simple data management

In today’s data-driven, hyper-competitive business market, data storage infrastructure is critical to the success of large enterprises.

Data is at the core of value creation. So much so that, by 2022, global research firm Gartner predicts that Global 2000 enterprises will be valued on their information portfolios.

To gain and maintain a competitive position, smart organizations recognize that they must leverage their data’s value to not only fulfill regulatory requirements but to facilitate actionable insights.

The pressure is on to manage data differently. Despite recognizing the strategic potential of data, many large-scale enterprises face serious challenges in managing their enterprise data across fragmented storage silos.

Global 2000 enterprise storage pain points

Technology refresh cycles

Retooling and migration every five years is beyond cumbersome and costly. Hardware-based solutions have limited lifecycles, and lock-in holds data hostage to a vendor-specific solution.

Data retention

Business, analytics and regulatory compliance policies dictate long retentions. Tape is inefficient, and its inherent access problems make it a poor choice for today’s long-term needs.

Cloud initiatives

Meeting public, private and hybrid cloud goals is the challenge of the day. IT teams need cloud skills and easy access to data, so a distributed “access from anywhere” environment is essential.

Data protection

Valuable data must be safeguarded against loss and ransomware threat. Protection via snapshots, backup and replication increases data storage costs by five to six times.


Legacy storage, like SAN and NAS, ends up creating too many silos, making it expensive and inefficient. Plus, it can’t grow to cloud-scale and is too hard to manage.

Analytics and availability

To extract value from data, it must be kept accessible. The need for data lakes and integrated AI/ML tools is clear and growing.

Why Scality for Global 2000 enterprise data storage and management

The amount of data generated daily is mind-boggling, and 90% of it is unstructured data — the kind used to power analytics, machine learning and business intelligence.

Growing at a rate of 55-65% per year, the volume of unstructured data is set to grow from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 zettabytes in 2025, according to IDC. To access the insights available from this explosion of unstructured data, large enterprises must find effective ways to manage and analyze it.

At Scality, we’ve designed a data management ecosystem to protect and propel our enterprise customers into the digital age. Scality specializes in protecting and managing massive amounts of unstructured data, both on-premises and in public clouds. We’re a trusted partner to a diverse range of large-scale enterprises across the globe, including six of the top banks and seven of the top telecom operators.

“Scality is so much more than a storage supplier. By working with Scality, we benefit from a professional team of storage experts that have helped us maintain leadership in this industry through innovation and with services that really help our customers.”

Bruno Beaugrand

Development & Marketing Cloud Director, SFR

“What drove us to Scality was the simplicity and the efficiency of the solution. Its robustness means no accidents, no downtime, no surprises.”

Herve Baldeweck


Scality solutions for Global 2000 enterprise offer:


Scality supports growth of big data to dozens of petabytes and beyond. Scale out seamlessly as your performance and capacity needs grow  — without downtime or disruption of access.

Acting as a single, distributed system, the RING scales linearly across thousands of servers, multiple sites, and an unlimited number of objects.

Scality supports regulatory requirements for privacy and security with secure multi-tenancy with AWS compatible identity and access management (IAM) signature v4 authentication, access control and industry-standard AES256 encryption.

To support customers’ needs for ransomware protection, Scality RING and ARTESCA offer data immutability support enabled by the Amazon S3 Object Lock API.  This defense renders data impervious to attacks by preventing it from being deleted or overwritten for a period of time (or indefinitely).


Scality enables 100% availability — during hardware failures, software upgrades, and capacity expansion (even across hardware generations).

Complete UI-based system-level management and monitoring of all data services, data health, cloud workflows and hardware platform health help make data more visible. Comprehensive analytics provide detailed metrics for utilization reporting and informed decision-making.


For maximum compatibility and cost-savings, Scality software is designed for deployment on industry-standard x64 server platform hardware, disk drives and standard IP networks. By riding on the declining cost of commodity hardware, the cost of ownership is minimized.

Unlike conventional storage, our design enables worry-free capacity expansion, upgrade and swap-out as data is managed by the software, not tied to appliance form factors.


With both object and native file capabilities, Scality is proven with enterprise software applications already in use.

Leverage storage and compute resources across a broad range of options with no data lock-in.

“Scality met our TCO requirements and allowed us to greatly reduce our cost of cloud storage. In terms of performance requirements, Scality definitely delivered so we’re very satisfied.”

Philippe Moreaux

Director of Data & Services API, ,Orange

“With the Scality RING solution, we’re not only realizing time savings…
but also discovering new opportunities to innovate.”

Ahmad Kassak

Director of Engineering, HPE


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