About Scality

Scality solves organizations’ toughest data storage challenges.

We build future-proof storage software that every company can use to grow faster and keep data safe — without sacrificing flexibility or performance.

We started Scality because the traditional way of storing and protecting data suits a world that no longer exists.

The days of point solutions are over.

Today, you cannot predict…

  • Your capacity needs in five years and beyond
  • When and how cybercriminals will target your data
  • Performance requirements to serve new workloads
  • New regulations that might force you to move data from a public cloud to your own data center
  • How the global economy will fluctuate, creating new challenges and opportunities

But one thing is certain.

Your data storage infrastructure must be capable of adapting to handle it all — at the lowest possible cost and highest level of service, durability and cybersecurity.

That’s precisely why the world’s most discerning and data-informed organizations entrust their data to Scality.

Scality makes your storage infrastructure scalable in all critical dimensions.

Capacity, performance, new applications and data location — from core to cloud to edge. Scale them all infinitely and with ease. And get 100% uptime, enterprise-grade security, bulletproof ransomware protection and utmost resilience.

Best-in-class savings, both in terms of lower cost and higher efficiency, make our solutions a no-brainer for forward-thinking organizations.

Reliable, secure, sustainable

storage software


Global users


Largest global banks


Hospital systems


global telcos & CSPs

8x Leader

Gartner Magic Quadrant


GigaOm Enterprise & High-Performance Object Storage


IDC MarketScape

#1 in backup

2022 Gartner Critical Capabilities

Scality’s DNA

Innovation can’t be forced; it’s fostered in the right environment.

What makes Scality uniquely equipped to solve the challenges of large-scale data? Our culture as a learning organization attracts the best and brightest minds in the industry — those who are determined to shape the future of storage by challenging the present.

Work hard, play hard, eat well and amaze the customer.

At Scality, our people live our motto. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional solutions and service — and having fun while we’re at it.

Our products and the teams behind them are engineered to be there for you. It’s who we are at our core — helpers who believe that data, when harnessed for good, has the power to change the world in incredible ways. And our customers do just that.

Executive Committee

Jérôme Lecat

Jérôme Lecat


Giorgio Regni

Giorgio Regni


Peter Brennan

Peter Brennan

Chief Revenue Officer

Paul Speciale

Paul Speciale

Chief Marketing Officer

Erwan Girard

Erwan Girard

Chief Product Officer

Pierre Derome

Pierre Derome

SVP Engineering

Vincent Breuil

Vincent Breuil


Jules Caron

Jules Caron


Wally MacDermid

Wally MacDermid


Benjamin Morge

Benjamin Morge

VP of Customer Success

Board of Directors

Curt Gunsenheimer

Managing Partner, Iris Capital

Doug Carlisle

Managing Director, Menlo Ventures

François Duliège

Partner, Galileo Partners

Matthieu Baret

Managing Partner, Eurazeo

Board of Directors

Jérôme Lecat


Giorgio Regni


Véronique Jacq

Head of Digital Venture, BPI

Renaud Poulard

General Partner, Omnes Capital

Board Observers

Joana Vincon

VC Associate Large Venture Fund, BPI


Principal, Global Investments Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Pathfinder Ventures)

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