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Supercharge your content distribution with optimized media workflows at scale

Successful content distribution is all about ensuring that data is always available when and where you want it — and accessible in the format required for your applications.

Storage for media and entertainment content calls for a file and object storage solution built with a solid understanding of media workflow challenges — from production to post-production, content distribution, media asset management and data archiving.

The pressure is on to manage data differently. Despite recognizing the strategic potential of data, many large-scale enterprises face serious challenges in managing their enterprise data across fragmented storage silos.

“We have made very good progress in standing up not only a product, but really a whole infrastructure solution that can add the scale we need for all the changes coming in the future.”
Loic Barbou

Consultant, Bloomberg

Solution Sheet

Scality RING for Video on Demand

Storage is at the heart of successful Video on Demand (VoD) service. Profitability and performance go hand-in-hand. Store more for less. Scality’s Media & Entertainment Solutions deliver.

Media and entertainment industry pain points

Enormous volume

Scalability is critical. Media data is massive, driven to petabytes by higher resolutions (4K and soon 8K), higher bit depths (HDR), higher frame rates (from 24 fps to 60 and soon 120), and new technologies (such as 3D, VR, AR).

24×7 access

On-demand access is expected. Today’s consumers have high standards for access to their favorite media and entertainment content. It must be instantly accessible anywhere at any time, without delays.

Long-term retention

Accessing archived content should be fast and easy. M&E companies must retain data for long periods of time — and they need hassle-free ways to repurpose and monetize older data. RING provides an effective online alternative to offline tape archives.

High TCO

As volumes grow, costs multiply. Tier-1 storage is needed for capture and post-production, but it gets costly downstream. Purpose-built archive and backup appliances end up creating more silos.

Diverse format variety

Media and entertainment content is distributed in myriad formats, adding complexity. With RING, file data from legacy media workflow applications are supported in the same platform with new object-based content delivery workloads

Why Scality for media storage

At Scality, we’ve designed a data management ecosystem to protect and propel our media and entertainment customers into the digital age. Scality specializes in protecting and managing huge volumes of unstructured data, both on-premises and in public clouds. 

Scality RING is an optimal solution for near-line archives in post-production, as well as active media archives and origin server storage for content distribution.

We’re a trusted partner to a diverse range of media and entertainment customers across the globe, including content creators (film & TV studios, post-production houses, sports associations) and content distributors (cable & broadcasters).

“The performance, scalability and reliability are what impress us most about Scality. It allows us to confidently grow our storage capacity. We haven’t encountered any issues.”
Christophe Simon

System Architect, Dailymotion

“With Scality RING, we’ll be able to deploy more storage capacity in a shorter time frame. This allows us to introduce new products and features to the market sooner.”
André Knegt

Head of Infrastructure, RTL interactive

Scality solutions for media data offer:


Scality has proven success in petabyte-scale production customer deployments. We store and protect 7+ trillion objects for customers in more than 46 countries across the globe. 

More than 1/3 of the world’s top service providers base their customer-facing cloud services — and are ultimately building their businesses — on Scality RING.


Scality supports growth of big data to dozens of petabytes and beyond. Scale out seamlessly as your performance and capacity needs grow  — without downtime or disruption of access.

Acting as a single, distributed system, the RING scales limitlessly and linearly across thousands of servers, multiple sites, and an unlimited number of objects.


Scality enables 100% availability — during hardware failures, software upgrades, and capacity expansion (even across hardware generations). 

Complete UI-based system-level management and monitoring of all data services, data health, cloud workflows and hardware platform health help make data more visible. Comprehensive analytics provide detailed metrics for utilization reporting and informed decision-making.


With more than 100 partners, Scality has the largest active application ecosystem in the industry and nurtures tight partnerships for each identified workload. 

Scality solutions are validated by all leading solution vendors in the ecosystems for media archiving, asset management, content streaming and delivery.


For maximum compatibility and cost-savings, Scality software is designed for deployment on industry-standard x64 server platform hardware, disk drives and standard IP networks. By riding on the declining cost of commodity hardware, the cost of ownership is minimized.

 Unlike conventional storage, our design enables worry-free capacity expansion, upgrade and swap-out as data is managed by the software, not tied to appliance form factors.


Scality’s global team of experts offer personalized white-glove technical and professional support to ensure peace of mind.


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