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To advance digital transformation, app modernization is accelerating across all industries. Development teams are rushing to rebuild mission-critical legacy applications.

The growth of modern, cloud-native apps is also changing the way teams develop and operate software. Technologies such as containerization, Kubernetes, serverless computing and microservices are the new standard.

Fast, modern app development requires an adaptive data management solution. Scality answers the call with a massively scalable file and object storage platform — making data more accessible to developers for less cost.

Solution Sheet

Scality and Microsoft Azure

Scality provides solutions that augment storage capacity at the edge, easily manage hybrid cloud data across on-premises and Azure, as well as provide interoperability between Azure and other public clouds.

“We can provide customers a best-in-class solution for a very specific use case without lock-in to any one cloud”

Jeremy Sherwood

VP of Operations and Business Development, Opus Interactive

Did you know?

Projected growth of the global cloud storage market by 2028*

Cloud-native apps and services deployed by 2023*


Enterprise storage growth predicted by Gartner over 5 years*

Address cloud-scale app workloads, without sacrificing performance

Application compatibility

Scale-out Amazon S3 API object storage


Full system management and monitoring, replication and data durability

Unbounded capacity

Scalable storage with secure multi-tenancy


Agile, independent scaling of performance and capacity

With Scality your business gains

speed of data access

Massive scale

Scale to nearly 250 billion objects in a single RING

lower cost of data


Cloud economics with software optimized for pay-as-you-go licensing on any standard server

Data integrity

Trusted data services

Powers dozens of large-scale application cloud services providers world-wide

Data storage server

Always-on infrastructure

100% uptime SLA cloud storage services

splunk diagram

Modernize apps with a secure hybrid cloud experience

You can extend cloud storage services to a new generation of app developers. Advanced hybrid cloud data management gives users instant access to data across cloud boundaries while keeping data secure.

With compatible Scality integrations for Amazon S3, Google Cloud Platform and Azure Blob in your data center, you are empowered to:

  • Control costs with data archiving for cold storage
  • Increase security with disaster recovery data services
  • Leverage more public cloud services, like AI/ML and analytics, by easily bursting data into the cloud

Scality adapts to any computing environment and works with Docker and Kubernetes-based apps.

Developers gain flexibility for faster, real-time access to data to customize modern applications in the cloud.  IT gains peace of mind.

hpe storage solution with splunk

Scality RING Powers Hybrid Cloud Data Management

Enterprises are implementing hybrid cloud architectures to leverage cloud archive services, to maintain full copies of their on-premises data for disaster recovery, to protect against ransomware attacks, to take advantage of cloud service bursting, and more.

Scality RING powers next-generation hybrid cloud data management and data protection.


Lake Solutions

Intelligent data storage for agile backup-as-a-service


Opus Interactive

Tailor-fit cloud solutions to individual customer workloads


Rackspace Technology

Creates infrastructure asset efficiencies and meets SLAs

Safeguard your data with world-class backup application partners

Scality integrates with the most respected backup providers and solutions. Explore our partner ecosystem.

hpe storage solution with splunk
Solution sheet

HPE Storage Solutions for Splunk

A range of solutions to provide the ideal performance, price, and scalability point while reducing complexity.

Solution Sheet

Enterprise storage with Splunk

Look at Splunk’s unique storage architecture—a critical enabler of Splunk’s real time processing capability.

Solution Sheet

Kuernetes PAAS for Splunk

Exponential data growth from increased infrastructure, application, and network traffic have outpaced most security solutions.


Cloud service providers

Smart, simple data management at scale



30 million mailboxes with flexibility and resilience


Splunk and Scality

High-performance, low-cost, scalable storage

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