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Scality Support & Services help ensure our customers have the tools and support they need to be successful with the Scality RING: from service to training to custom work and proof of concept systems.

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To open a support ticket, please sign in on support.scality.com

The Support & Services team comprises Scality’s most qualified, experienced technical experts who are trained to help our customers with their most challenging projects. Services may be applied whenever required during an engagement with us: evaluation/feasibility, installation, training and certification, production/expansion, and support.

Installation/Roll Out

During the roll-out of the RING, Support & Services assists with the installation. We offer standard installation, and custom Scope of Work (SOW) options to ensure successful integration and deployment. For SOW projects, Scality and the customer will agree on and document the specific scope of the project, success criteria and the Scality commitment.

Training and Certification

Scality offers standard product training, advanced operations training, and the Scality Certified Program.

  • The standard RING installation package includes standard product training.
  • Advanced Operations Training is a 3-day class that gives attendees a deeper understanding of the Scality RING. It focuses on RING management and description of the RING protocols as well as failure management and maintenance procedures. The class offers a high level of interactivity and hands-on exercises to help the student become a RING operations expert.
  • Pre-Sales Ambassador and Sales Champion training are free, self-paced online courses for Scality partners.
  • The Scality Technical Certification Program is a framework that provides our partners with the foundation and education necessary to install, configure, and manage the Scality RING as well as increase customer satisfaction through tailored and personalized support.
Maintenance and Support

Scality offers two levels of service to keep RING users up and running:

  • Standard Support
  • DCS Dedicated Care Service: 24/7 support wherein customers have flexible resources to use for non-emergency actions, added integration support and on-call advice.
Capacity Expansion

When it’s time to add storage, the RING requires no data migration or a new installation. A Scality engineer will be designated to analyze, recommend, document, validate, plan and execute an extension.


Scality DCS-F
  • Systematic audits of Scality RING environments
  • Priority escalations
  • Scality Cloud Monitor
  • Designated Customer Solution Engineer
Scality DCS-X
  • All DCS-F benefits
  • Standard system operations reviews (quarterly)
  • Annual Workshop
  • 11 nines of durability for single site; 14 nines of durability for for multi-geo deployments
    100% uptime guarantee
Scality Cloud Monitor
  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Predictive analytics
  • Capacity planning
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Proactive alarms
  • DCS and standard support options
Support Packages in Detail
Service Description Standard Support DCS-F Support DCS-X Support
Service Levels 24X7 phone support for Priority 1 issues. Scality Service Ticket System or instant messaging during normal business hours for priority 2 and 3 issues.
Response Time Priority 1 issues response within fifteen (15) minutes; priority 2 issues within four (4) hours; and priority 3 issues within three (3) business days.
Escalation A Level 1 Global Support technician staffing the Global Support Help desk take charge of issue.
Scality Cloud Monitor Comprehensive monitoring (the RING and all of its components) through KPIs based on contextual behaviors to enhance root-cause analysis of issues
Professional Services Professional Services days per year.  
5 days/yr
20 days/yr
Additional Assistance Assistance in diagnosing any problem encountered in the course of using or managing Scality RING; isolation and analysis with remediation proposal.  
Consulting Upon request, Scality will advise the customer on storage and/or redundancy policies, and advise on recommended changes.  
Monthly Calls Monthly Review Calls of cloud monitor main KPIs  
Quarterly Presentations Review meetings covering: support tickets, configuration and performance, capacity assessment to help predict future needs, and a suggested roadmap to best meet those needs.    
Yearly Workshops On-site, 1-day workshop with Customer Solution Engineer to review customer objectives and refine the configuration.    
Remote Assistance Remote assistance from Scality during installation of software upgrades.  
Escalation Customer-triggered business-level escalation if an issue requires executive management attention.  
Response Time Service Level Agreement Assurance that Scality responds to Priority 1 issues with fifteen (15) minutes; Priority 2 issues within four (4) hours; and Priority 3 issues within three (3) business days.    
Availability Service Level Agreement Assurance that Scality RING remains available (all mission critical functionality operational) 100% of the time in any given year.    
Durability Service Level Agreement Assurance that Scality RING meets pre-defined durability levels: 11 nines (99.99999999%) for single-site, and 14 nines (99.999999999%) for multi-geo deployments.    
Contact Scality Support & Services

To open a support ticket, please sign in on support.scality.com

For production outages, please call the emergency number for your country/region:

  • Australia:   +61 1300 954 703
  • France:  +33 1 84 88 55 70
  • Germany:  +49 800-183-0547
  • Japan:  +81 034-588-1408
  • Spain:  +34 518-890-048
  • UK & International:  +44 2033-181-073
  • USA Toll Free:  +1 800-319-7090


149 New Montgomery Street, Suite 607
San Francisco, CA, 94105
Email: sales.us@scality.com
Telephone: +1 (650) 356-8500
Fax: +1 (650) 356-8501
Toll Free: +1 (855) 722-5489


11 rue Tronchet
75008 Paris, France
Email: sales.eu@scality.com
Telephone: +33 1 78 09 82 70


43777 Central Station Drive, Suite 410
Ashburn, VA 20147, USA
Email: sales.us@scality.com
Toll Free: +1 (855) 722-5489


Otemachi Bldg. 4F, 1-6-1, Otemachi
Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 100-0004 Japan
Email: sales.japan@scality.com
Telephone: +81-3-4405-5400


Quadrant House, Floor 6
4 Thomas More Square
London, United Kingdom, E1W 1YW
Email: sales.uk@scality.com
Telephone: +44 20 3004 8181


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