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Smart and simple data management and storage to maximize the value of public sector data

In today’s application-driven, cloud-agnostic world, public sector organizations are feeling the pressure of modernizing their storage infrastructure to maximize the value of their data.

There’s certainly no shortage of government data. Public safety services use video to record incidents. Intelligence and other agencies collect forensics and digital evidence to secure borders and protect assets from threats. Research, public health and transportation services are all data-intensive. The list goes on and on.

With a focus on managing growth, extracting value and enabling access, stringent data privacy and security requirements remain top of mind. This new ‘data as value’ era in government has challenges that can only be solved through modern digital infrastructures.

Government agencies must leverage today’s advancements in cloud-native applications, cloud computing and security while ensuring that precious public funds are used strategically and efficiently.

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Government and public sector industry pain points

Growing demands

New government data storage services for security, police, healthcare and transportation require new technology infrastructure.

Privacy and security

Government privacy regulations mandate the need to protect data — for good reason. Ransomware attacks are hitting public agencies hard. In 2020 alone, they cost US government organizations $18+ billion.

Efficient use of funds

New infrastructures need to be based on modern, reliable, low-cost-of-ownership technologies.

Massive data

Services ranging from video surveillance in public venues, public healthcare and public services generate big data that must be securely stored and managed.

Regulatory compliance

Government data must remain secure and, in many cases, stored in specific geographic regions or clouds to be compliant.

Future-proofing and cloud

Government data cloud services need to leverage dedicated clouds — and must securely manage data across on-premises and cloud environments.

Why IT leaders in the public sector love Scality

Public agencies need a future-proof path to modernization that results in highly scalable, secure and accessible storage for ever-growing volumes of data.

At Scality, we’ve designed a data management ecosystem to protect and propel our customers into the digital age. Scality specializes in protecting and managing huge volumes of unstructured data, both on-premises and in public clouds. We’re a trusted partner to a diverse range of government organizations across the globe, including transportation and defense agencies, public libraries, police forces, corrections facilities, research institutions and more.

Scality solutions for government and the public sector offer:


To support new data-driven services, Scality provides solutions for underlying big data storage and management that can unify data from legacy and new cloud-native applications.


Scality supports growth of big data to dozens of petabytes and beyond. Scale out seamlessly as your performance and capacity needs grow  — without downtime or disruption of access.

Acting as a single, distributed system, RING scales limitlessly and linearly across thousands of servers, multiple sites, and an unlimited number of objects. This flexibility eliminates the current headaches of managing many separate storage silos.

Scality supports regulatory requirements for privacy and security with secure multi-tenancy with AWS compatible identity and access management (IAM) signature v4 authentication, access control and industry-standard AES256 encryption.

To support customers’ needs for ransomware protection, Scality RING and ARTESCA offer data immutability support enabled by the Amazon S3 Object Lock API.  This defense renders data impervious to attacks by preventing it from being deleted or overwritten for a period of time (or indefinitely).


For maximum compatibility and cost-savings, Scality software is designed for deployment on industry-standard x64 server platform hardware, disk drives and standard IP networks. By riding on the declining cost of commodity hardware, the cost of ownership is minimized.

Unlike conventional storage, our design enables worry-free capacity expansion, upgrade and swap-out as data is managed by the software, not tied to appliance form factors.  

“We clearly needed to upgrade our storage infrastructure with a solution that was more scalable, but also provide a method of deleting video to keep our storage levels more manageable from both a capacity and cost perspective.”

George Jackson

Head of ICT, Irish Prison Service

“The advantage of Scality, in addition to its proximity, is its ability to innovate, as well as the quality and robustness of its technology.”

Bruno Landes

Head of Earthworks & Topography Division, SNCF

“Working with Scality has been brilliant.”

Stuart Lewis

Associate director, National Library of Scotland


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