Simple, secure object-storage
software for S3 applications

Deploy fast, manage easily — on VMs or standard servers.


New workloads are changing demands on storage and automation: Speed, scale, portability and efficiency. Modern object storage strikes the right balance. Scality makes it ultra-simple and secure.

Simplicity is the height of sophistication. It’s why we built ARTESCA: Intuitive, durable storage software that transforms how DevOps manages and accesses data — without sacrificing resiliency or affordability.

Ideal for data on the edge, it has a unique ability to deploy on virtual machines and standard servers. Coupled with RING, ARTESCA is the world’s most advanced edge-to-core data solution.

Application owners, DevOps teams and edge builders choose ARTESCA for one or more use cases

Start small on a single server or virtual machine.
Scale to petabyte capacity with ease.

Scality ARTESCA is the only S3 object storage solution that offers:

Comprehensive support for AWS S3 API

Replication and lifecycle management, plus AWS IAM-compatible identity and access management

High-performance all-flash + enterprise object storage

Tens of GB/s throughput and ultra-low latency, plus extensive enterprise-class capabilities

Quick, anyone-can-do-it deployment + operation

Not a Linux specialist? No deep storage administration expertise? No problem!

Bulletproof security

Ransomware protection, trusted authentication, access control and encryption

Unbeatable data protection

Dual-layer erasure coding, self-healing, local and remote S3 replication for the highest levels of data durability

Hassle-free, efficient growth

Scale from a single physical server or VM to many as data grows and needs evolve

Validated designs by leading application providers

Seamless interoperability with Veeam, Zerto, Rubrik and many more

Unified management across local + public cloud storage

Single S3 namespace, plus intuitive user interface provides monitoring of data, storage, platform and hardware

Super-low entrypoint pricing

Free to use < 50TB with affordable 1, 3 and 5-year support subscriptions

Evaluator Group Product Brief for Scality ARTESCA

Discover a unique evolution of object storage that meets the new demands of cloud-native applications.

“Scality ARTESCA represents an evolution for object storage that is meeting new and differing demands with Cloud Native Applications.”

Scality ARTESCA delivers easy-to-manage, unified access to data thanks to:
Modern, cloud-native architecture
100% software deployed and orchestrated on integrated Kubernetes
High-performance design
Optimized S3 metadata database supports high-performance S3 on all-flash (NVMe, QLC) and hybrid flash/HDD servers

Dual-level erasure coding
Distributed + local erasure codes provide 12 to 14 nines data durability on high-density servers

Ironclad data security
via IAM access control, AES-256 encryption, plus S3 Object Locking and retention policies for data immutability
Flexible deployment
Turnkey installation on VMware vSphere/ESXi VMs or bare-metal servers
API-based management and monitoring
Integrated support for Prometheus and HTML5-based management portal
Superior disaster recovery protection
Integrated ARTESCA-to-ARTESCA and ARTESCA-to-RING data replication
Integrated hybrid-cloud data workflows
with support for lifecycle management and replication to AWS S3, Azure Blob and Google Cloud Storage
Data Sheet

Object Storage for Modern Applications

Get an overview of Scality ARTESCA, an ultra-simple and secure S3 object storage solution that delivers the speed and efficiency modern applications demand.

Solution Sheet

HPE Solutions for Scality ARTESCA

Learn how HPE and Scality unify access to data everywhere, delivering core-to-edge flexibility and performance for the most demanding data-intensive workloads.

White Paper

ARTESCA Technical White Paper

This in-depth technical white paper describes how Scality ARTESCA solves the storage and management challenges of content-rich data workloads in a cloud-native application world.

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