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Scality RING

Flexible scale-out file & object storage for unbreakable cloud data centers

Shared storage infrastructure for enterprises and service providers building hybrid, private and public clouds.

Ideal for: One or more applications and use cases, including:

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Large-scale backup / ransomware protection
  • Data archive
  • Big data analytics
Scality RING

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  • Explore Scality’s flagship enterprise software alongside an expert
  • Receive a comprehensive review of your current and future storage requirements
  • Get an in-depth breakdown of RING’s unparalleled performance, cost-saving efficiencies, and unbreakable security
  • Learn how RING stacks up against other storage solutions for your unique needs

Scality ARTESCA Screenshot

Simple object storage for immutable, ransomware-proof backups

Secure S3 object storage for backup application managers seeking fast deployment and easy management

Ideal for:

  • Backup, from 50 TB to 5 PB capacity

Try ARTESCA for 30 days

Test-drive the simplest and most secure immutable backup solution for free — no catch, no strings attached. Your trial includes:

  • Full access — no limits on features or capacity
  • Fast turnkey install on VMware vSphere version 7.0 and later
  • Quickstart videos on how to deploy and connect to a backup application, plus access to full documentation
  • Out-of-the box immutability and seamless integration with Veeam

Scality Trusted by Leading Companies

See how they rely on Scality for mission-critical applications, including advancing intelligent mobility, ensuring petabytes of medical imaging data remain secure and available

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