Simple, secure S3 object storage software for immutable backups

Deploy fast, manage easily, master the 3-2-1-1 rule

Your last line of defense against any threat to data recoverability? A cyber-resilient storage solution.

Scality ARTESCA is the simplest and most secure S3 object storage software for immutable backups. 

Lightweight in design, ARTESCA enables hassle-free, efficient growth from a single physical server or virtual machine all the way to 5 petabytes of usable capacity.

Three deployment options — a secure software appliance, virtual appliance, and hardware appliance — offer maximum freedom of choice.

Get unbreakable ransomware protection and take control of what matters — no deep storage or OS experience required. 

Try the latest version of ARTESCA

Unlimited capacity. Free for 90 days.

ARTESCA’s 5 levels of cyber resiliency

Application-level resiliency

  • Amazon S3 object locking immutability with configurable data retention policies and compliance mode
  • Veeam v12 “Direct to object” backups and SOSAPI support, plus automated enforcement of validated IAM access control policies

Network and data resiliency

  • Secure HTTPS/TLS S3 termination, plus AES 256-bit data encryption-at-rest
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for secure UI logins, plus automated firewall rules on deployment

Storage resiliency

  • Distributed erasure coding renders data indecipherable to low-level and data exfiltration attacks; metadata in secure repository on intrinsically immutable object storage layer
  • 1 to 6 servers for growth to 5 PB with dual-level data protection

Geographic replication resiliency

  • Deploy ARTESCA in remote locations for immutable offsite storage
  • Eliminates the “all data in one place” problem

Core architecture-level resiliency

  • Integrated, security-hardened Linux operating system precludes root access, reduces exposure to CVEs to limit a wide range of attack threats

Master the 3-2-1-1 rule with a single-vendor object storage backup solution

Manage, access and protect your backup data the worry-free way.


Scality ARTESCA is the only S3 object storage solution that offers:

Unbreakable cybersecurity

Multi-level cyber resilience for ransomware-proof data, trusted authentication, access control and encryption

High-performance enterprise object storage

Tens of GB/s throughput and ultra-low latency, plus extensive enterprise-class capabilities and all-flash option

Comprehensive support for AWS S3 API

AWS-compatible S3 command syntax, bucket  + object commands and return codes, plus AWS-style identity and access management (IAM)

Quick, anyone-can-do-it deployment + operation

Not a Linux specialist? No deep storage administration expertise? No problem!

Hassle-free, efficient growth

Scale from a single physical server or VM to many as data grows, from tens of terabytes to multiple petabytes

Unbeatable data protection

Dual-layer erasure coding, self-healing, local and remote S3 replication for the highest levels of data durability

Validation from leading backup solutions

Seamless interoperability with Veeam, Commvault and Rubrik

Super-low entrypoint pricing

Free 90-day trial of full feature set with unlimited capacity. Affordable 1, 3 and 5-year subscriptions starting under $4,000 per year, including support

Evaluator Group product brief for Scality ARTESCA

“Scality ARTESCA represents an evolution for object storage that is meeting new and differing demands.”

Scality ARTESCA delivers easy-to-manage, worry-free access to backup data thanks to:

Cloud-native architecture

100% software deployed and orchestrated on integrated Kubernetes

Unbreakable data security

via IAM access control, AES 256-bit encryption, security-hardened OS, multi-factor authentication (MFA), plus S3 Object Locking and retention policies for data immutability

Dual-level erasure coding

Distributed + local erasure codes provide 12 to 14 nines data durability on high-density servers

Flexible deployment

Turnkey installation on VMware vSphere/ESXi VMs or bare-metal servers

High-performance design

Optimized S3 metadata database supports high-performance S3 on all-flash (NVMe, QLC) and hybrid flash/HDD servers

API-based management and monitoring
Integrated support for Prometheus and HTML5-based management portal

Superior disaster recovery protection

Integrated ARTESCA-to-ARTESCA and ARTESCA-to-RING data replication

3 deployment options for maximum freedom of choice

Data Sheet

Scality ARTESCA data sheet

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