on-line storage target for large-scale backups 

Without strong backup and recovery infrastructure, companies are vulnerable to loss of their most valuable assets: their data. Data loss affects businesses directly when assets can no longer be leveraged; or indirectly, via regulatory agency fines and penalties and loss of customer confidence.

Ensuring that data is always available – no matter what disaster occurs – requires a backup target solution that is easy to manage, maintains data integrity without degradation and scales with the inevitable growth of data over time.  Speed matters: petabyte-scale backups to tape can take days to complete. That is, if and when they do complete. Disk-based backup not only accelerates write process, but it makes more aggressive RPO’s (recovery point objectives) and lightning-fast RTO’s (recovery time objectives) for recovery that takes minutes rather than hours or days.

A good on-line backup target should be integrated with multiple backup software solutions – most importantly, yours – so that the IT team can reap the benefits of using an on-line backup target without having to change backup applications.  Look for a wide choice of file and object interfaces for easy integration and future-proofing.  Using Commvault, HPE StoreOnce, IBM Spectrum Protect, Rubrik, Veeam, Veritas or other backup software with S3 or file-based interface?  No need to change applications: use Scality RING software-defined storage on industry-standard x86 servers to shorten the backup window and make huge improvements in RPO and RTO.




In backup, recovery is really the issue, and time is money. RPO and RTO are critical, so finding and returning lost data quickly is paramount. Time can be wasted on ‘the other end’ as well, especially with large data sets.  Backups that take hours and days to perform are using valuable resources.

Data loss

Conventional storage durability is limited, and drive failure recovery is slow. Degradation or loss of media, or lower data integrity for any reason is not an option for today’s backup data. 


Large-scale data management and recovery presents special challenges: petabyte-scale backups are hard to manage and configure, and are vulnerable to failure. Durability, uptime and support all affect recovery. 

changing Apps

Change is hard. Switching over to a new backup application – especially if the old one is working just fine for you – is a heavy lift.  


Dedicated appliances and NAS are alternatives to traditional tape-based backup, but not only are they cost-prohibitive at scale, but they can come with lock-in and growth limitations.  They don’t scale.


The cost of dedicated backup appliances or NAS is prohibitive at scale.

* Taneja Group, “Petabyte Scale Backup Storage without Compromise,” October 2016.

Scality RING value proposition

What Makes Scality Special

Used as a backup target, Scality RING helps you address the ever-expanding backups problem head-on. It streamlines the backup process and brings high throughput, reducing backup windows and time to recovery. Backups are fast and high-density hard drive recovery takes minutes, rather than days. Unlike conventional storage, it also grows with your data, enabling worry-free capacity expansion, upgrade and swap-out, as data is managed by the software; not tied to appliance form factors.

Durability and availability concerns: no problem. Unlike conventional NAS, Scality RING enables high availability and 14 nines of durability, and because it’s a software-defined storage solution that runs on standard x86 servers, costs are controlled, expansion is simplified and your backups meet the most demanding requirements in terms of performance, availability, data protection, disaster recovery and cost.  Finally, support for all major ISV backup applications via file AND object interfaces means that you can keep existing processes in place; just make everything run more efficiently.

DATA Durability

No need to tolerate lower integrity for backups than for primary systems. Scality enables 100% availability and 14 nines durability.


Scality is a recognized leader in file and object storage. Have a look at what industry analysts Gartner and IDC have to say.  

use your backup app

Scality RING works with all of the major  backup ISV’s such as Commvault, IBM Spectrum Protect, Oracle RMAN, Rubrik, Veeam, Veritas and more, so you don’t have to change applications. 

No Lock-in

Scality RING is a software solution that runs on standard x86 servers. It scales beyond 100’s of PB’s with a mix of hardware generations, so there’s never a forced refresh.

Low Overhead

Use your favourite backup application, no need to change. Scality RING is easy to provision and manage and even gets more efficient as it grows.

data is safe

Data integrity, and security are assured by up to 14 nines durability, encryption and access control.


Application Partners

The Scality RING has been pre-integrated with a rich selection of enterprise storage solutions and works with a wide variety of hardware.

Using Scality RING as a backup Target

Some Customer Success Stories

Backup is a pan-industry challenge that Scality RING is helping to solve at petabyte-scale. Financial services organizations, utilities, healthcare entities, media and entertainment companies, service providers, ISP’s and more have huge backups that require long retentions.  Whether for regulatory compliance or for business value, backups matter. Making them easy and non-disruptive is key. 









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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Scality lower my total cost of ownership (TCO) for backup?

Legacy storage cannot scale cost effectively to meet the requirement for backup in a digital world.
Tape media is relatively inexpensive, but the total cost to support a tape backup and archive system swells when associated activities like administrative work, off-site storage and associated pickup and recall delivery
are factored in. Tape management is labor intensive.
Public cloud is not the answer. Entry price may be low but recall costs can make it cost prohibitive.
Scality RING delivers a scalable single name space storage solution that can be utilized for both primary storage and long term archives without the associated costs found with tape, legacy storage arrays, and public cloud solutions.
If backup and archive also require a compliant solution, the Scality iCAS connector with can provide this capability cost effectively on the RING without an appliance such as Centera. Retention management, WORM, encryption, and compression is supported by iCAS.

Is Scality more complicated than standard NAS appliances?

Appliances do have deployment advantages at smaller scale, but SDS like Scality grows in efficiency as the system scales. You can scale up to ten petabytes and still administer the system with only one FTE. By decoupling the data protection from the hardware, your durability is also greater, maintenance can be on a rolling basis with no loss in availability, and hardware can be replaced and added with no downtime and complete hardware choice.

Does Scality provide deduplication or compression?

Many of the Enterprise backup software technologies already offer deduplication and compression at the source. In addition, the cost of capacity and increased density of servers has driven costs down so that object storage is significantly less costly than NAS or dedicated appliances. The combination is a no-brainer.
Beyond application support for encryption, some disk controllers support encryption for data as it’s written to disk.

Does Scality support my preferred backup application?

Scality makes modernizing easy. Compatibility is a priority, so we work with independent software vendors to qualify and certify compatibility with a broad range of backup and other software products, and have an industry-standard S3 interface, so integration with existing tools is easy. Applications access Scality RING via connectors that support multiple workload types (file and object) and multiple protocols such as NFS, VMFS, SMB, FUSE, REST and S3.

How secure is Scality?

The RING supports application-driven encryption, and object-level encryption for its object interface. This provides greater flexibility when it comes to deployment and key management.
Compliance requirements can be met by routing backup and archive data through the Scality iCAS connector which is Cohasset SEC 17 a-4 validated and KPMG certified.by parallelizing operations, performance grows linearly with the capacity

Is there a limit to my backup size with Scality?

The RING can grow up to 2128 objects, which is virtually unlimited. For example, Comcast (a large ISP) stores more than 80 billion objects in the RING.

How does Scality affect my backup performance expectations?

Scality RING is a disk based solution with all the benefits of random access. Multiple streams and connectors can be deployed for higher performance.
• The RING achieves exceptional performance by parallelizing operations. Performance grows linearly with the capacity.
• In addition, a write cache mechanism allows faster acknowledge to the backup application.

How does Scality affect my restoration performance expectations?

Scality RING is a disk based solution with all the benefits of using disk technology instead of tape. Tape restoration is limited to the number of available tape drives. Multiple server or file restores from tape are limited to the performance and availability of the required media before the operation can begin. This is not the case with Scality RING, which provides cost-effective, always available disk-based backups.
• Public cloud restores are limited to the available WAN bandwidth. Scality RING provides a multi-stream private cloud restore solution.
• The RING achieves exceptional performance by parallelizing operations. Performance grows linearly with the capacity.
• Read bandwidth used in restore operations can reach 100 Gb/s as is the case with Deluxe, a Scality customer.

What happens if a server or disk fails...can I still get to my backup?

Thanks to Scality protection mechanisms (replication for small object and erasure coding for large objects) data is still accessible even in the event of several disks, servers or even site failure. There is no single point of failure in the Scality architecture.

How does Scality effect my backup durability expectations?

Disk is inherently more reliable than tape for storage. 14×9’s of reliability can be achieved using the Scality RING. There is no scheduled maintenance which would impact data availability, as would be the case when using a tape library or even a legacy disk array. The RING self-healing mechanism allows failed components (HDD or servers) to be replaced on maintenance windows rather than immediately.

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