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Bulletproof your last line of defense with the #1-ranked object storage backup target

Backup/restore is arguably the most business-critical workload. 94% of ransomware attacks now target backup repositories — and the reality is 58% of backups fail.

To maintain business continuity and operations in the face of any threat, you must be able to predictably and reliably restore from backups with a 24×7 infinitely scalable backup and recovery infrastructure that is immutable, eliminates data silos and simplifies management.

Never-fail, lightning-fast restores with 100% system uptime

Customers want simple, secure and fast backup storage solutions — solutions that offer combined short-term and long-term backup tiers, simplified access methods and ironclad ransomware protection. Scality delivers.

Read on to find out why we’re the leader in backup, according to Gartner and the world’s most data-informed organizations.


6 reasons why Scality is the best object storage for Veeam v12 backups

“What drove us to Scality was the simplicity and efficiency of the solution. Its robustness means no accidents, no downtime, no surprises. We’re 100% invested. Scality stores all of our company-wide backups.”

Herve Baldeweck

project director, backup, NATIXIS

Did you know?


of ransomware attacks target backup repositories


of backups fail to restore data to its original state

average cost of downtime per hour for 91% of enterprises


of ransomware attacks on backups are successful


of victims do not recover all of their data after paying a ransom

cost of downtime per hour for 44% of enterprises

Back up to the best and rest easy

Ransomware-proof data protection

Immutable object storage with multi-level protection via S3 Object Lock, SEC 17a-4 compliance, 256-bit encryption

Limitless file and object storage

Enable infinite data growth without disruption, forklift upgrade or data migrations

Ideal for short- & long-term retention

Single-vendor, multi-tier backup architecture offers flexibility to optimize for any required storage tier (performance, capacity or archival)

Ultra-fast performance with 100% uptime

4 to 8x faster than competing solutions; 80TB/hour backup & restore and always-on SLA

Flexible hybrid-cloud option

Offload historical backups wherever you need them — public or private cloud

Cost-effective DR and zero RPO/RTO

Get up to 14 nines of data durability with cost-efficient, highly-available multi-site deployments

With Scality your business gains

speed of data access


10X faster retrieval than tape or cloud storage for backup and restore

lower cost of data

Lower TCO

Reduce TCO up to 70% by eliminating multiple backup silos

Data integrity


Restore with full integrity by eliminating tape media decay

Data storage server

Data aggregation

Easily glean AI/ML insights by consolidating on one platform

“We’re looking at moving other backups to Scality, replacing tape with disk-to-disk backup, moving the non-print collections and even offering it as a service to other organizations, given its multi-tenancy capabilities.”

Stuart Lewis

associate director, National Library of Scotland


Électricité de France

achieves its zero RPO objective and expands use cases



sees 30% better throughput for petabyte-scale backups


National Library of Scotland

replaces tape to preserve cultural treasures


Scality + Veeam = unbreakable ransomware protection for backups

Ranked by Gartner as the #1 object store for backup, Scality extends Veeam Data Platform capabilities for cyber resiliency with data immutability. Scality + Veeam uniquely optimizes ransomware protection and operational efficiency — without sacrificing flexibility or performance.

As the only Veeam partner to provide a single-vendor, multi-tier backup architecture, Scality gives IT leaders the flexibility to optimize for any required storage tier (performance, capacity or archival), offering unbreakable immutability at each tier.

Master the 3-2-1-1 rule and backup to the best with Scality + Veeam.

Note: As of Veeam Data Platform v12, Scality’s products are supported as both Performance Tier and Capacity Tier, which gives customers the ultimate flexibility to deploy the architecture best suited for their needs.

Why Scality is the best object storage for Veeam v12 backups

  • Never-fail restores with 100% uptime
  • 4 to 8x faster restores than traditional backup solutions
  • Multi-level, immutable ransomware protection
  • 50% faster and more efficient backups for Microsoft 365

These are just a few reasons why Scality software-defined object storage is ideal for Veeam Data Platform v12.

Safeguard your data with world-class backup application partners

Scality integrates with the most respected backup providers and solutions. Explore our partner ecosystem.

Solution Sheet

Veeam and Scality

Scality and Veeam offer proven enterprise efficiency and cyber resiliency with immutability for unbreakable ransomware protection and simplified management.

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Rubrik and Scality

Scality and Rubrik deliver breakthrough capabilities for virtualized and physical systems that go well beyond what traditional backup practices can achieve.

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Commvault and Scality

Scality and Commvault’s integrated solution for automated data protection provides a single, scalable storage target with a complete view of all your data.


Global 2000 Enterprise

Unbreakable solutions for your peace of mind



Scality streamlines enterprise backup with Scality


Veeam and Scality

Protect, access and use all of your data

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