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Unmatched protection at scale to keep data safe

Scality provides file S3 object storage for fast backup and data recovery

Let’s face it, backup isn’t the most exciting aspect of data management, but it is one of the most important. Recent increases in ransomware attacks have reinforced the need for a 24×7 infinitely scalable backup and recovery infrastructure that’s affordable and instantly accessible.

Government agencies and financial institutions with the highest level of security and data protection requirements put their trust in Scality to keep data safe and replicated in multiple locations.

Customers use Scality to meet regulatory compliance standards by providing bulletproof security features and capabilities for auditing, data retention, legal holds and data immutability (WORM).

“Scality gives us serenity. It’s long-term storage. We no longer have to move our data based on new infrastructure developments…We see Scality as a storage solution that will last for a long time and that the data stored on the RING won’t need to be moved to another storage system.”

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Did you know?

is the average ransom payment—31% increase from 2020*


of businesses with a data center down 10+ days filed bankruptcy within one year*


of tape backups fail to restore data to its original state*

Scality provides bulletproof ransomware protection with long-term data retention

Thwart ransomware attacks

S3 object lock for data immutability and industry-standard AES256-bit encryption

Limitless file and object storage

Enable data growth without disruption, forklift upgrades or data migrations

Ideal for long term retention

Backup medical records, databases, VMs and documents

Fast recovery

Accelerate backups and restores with scale-out throughput to 10s of GB/s per hour

Flexible hybrid-cloud option

Offload historical backups wherever you need them — public or private cloud

With Scality your business gains


10X faster retrieval than tape or cloud storage for backup and restore

Lower TCO

Reduce TCO up to 70% by eliminating multiple backup silos


Restore with full integrity by eliminating tape media decay

Data aggregation

Easily to drive AI/ML insights by consolidating data on one platform

Safeguard your data with world-class backup application partners

Scality integrates with the most respected backup providers and solutions. Explore our partner ecosystem.

Scality + Veeam offer immunity against ransomware

Veeam Backup and Replication provides multiple backup options designed to meet your needs and ensure the fastest, most efficient backups possible.

Qualified as Veeam Ready Object with Immutability, Scality RING and Scality ARTESCA provide for air-gapped, tamper-proof backup data that stays immune to ransomware, offering a robust and swift recovery path in case of an attack.

With the combined solution, you can replicate either on-site for high availability or off-site for disaster recovery. Scality also offers the option to protect your data with erasure coding (single site or multi-site) to increase ROI.


Read why customers trust Scality to safeguard their data


Scality RING ensures data availability for the world’s largest electric utility


Scality secures growing petabyte-scale backups for Natixis


National Library of Scotland entrusts cultural treasures to Scality RING


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