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Data-rich organizations across the globe trust Scality


Solve data challenges, once and for all.

Scale. Security. Performance. Cost. Massive volumes of data can be a massive headache.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Scality RING is the storage foundation for your smart, flexible cloud data architecture.
Pair it with any server, app or public cloud for a single worry-free solution that stores
and protects all your data — without hidden costs.

Alliance partners

Scality works closely with leading hardware and platform manufacturers to design, build and deliver best-of-breed storage platforms.

Application partners

With 100+ partners, Scality has the largest active application ecosystem in the industry and nurtures tight partnerships for each identified workload.



Alliance Partners

Scality is committed to the best integrations in the data ecosystem

Application Partners

Scality works with leading application providers to build integrated, complete solutions for real-world workloads and use cases.

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