Case Studies

  • Electricite de France case study

    EDF Case Study

    Learn how the world’s largest electrical utility relies on Scality RING storage to manage uptime and scale without limits.

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  • dailymotion-case-study.jpg?fit=170%2C201&ssl=1


    The world’s second largest video sharing service, Dailymotion, has upgraded its Scality RING storage several times since inception in 2014, with more than 30 PB now in service.

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  • Orange-Photo-1.jpg?fit=170%2C89&ssl=1


    What Orange was looking for was an infrastructure that would allow them to pool all the data – from emails to personal drive to Internet-of-Things and more – and grow with the subscriber base and allow for lightning capacity growth. All at low cost.

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  • Rackspace

    Rackspace Customer Page

    Scality RING helped Rackspace manage costs, plan for growth, and improve operability for its hosted services. The company also realized CAPEX and OPEX savings.

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  • Customer Profile

    DMM is the largest video distribution business in Japan. They sought a storage solution for their Origin Server that could manage performance with absolute stability at petabyte scale – and grow with their business and catalog.

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  • Telenet

    Telenet Customer Profile

    Since 2010, the company has used Scality RING, expanding and upgrading its system (even replacing all of its hardware) with exceptional data durability and no service interruption.

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  • Bloomberg Media

    Bloomberg Media Customer Profile

    Scality RING is the foundation of Bloomberg Media’s enterprise storage platform. Providing private & hybrid cloud, and a multi-cloud environment solution, Scality RING is flexible and supports a global asset repository across multiple regions for Bloomberg.

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  • Rackspace

    Rackspace Case Study

    Rackspace required a solution that scales without limits, simply and without interruptions, because storage growth is continuous.

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  • Scality helps Sweden's Com Hem provide always-available content to its subscribers

    Com Hem Case Study

    Sweden’s Com Hem, a triple-play service provider, opted to move its storage infrastructure to Scality RING. The solution has proven both resilient and cost-effective. Even better, Com Hem has a data protection scheme that allows more storage in a smaller footprint.

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  • rtl.png?fit=131%2C100&ssl=1

    RTL Interactive Case Study

    Scality RING supports the storage powering VOD services for six television channels, all with growing numbers of viewers, with an expected annual capacity growth of 300%.

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  • Molotov-case-study-thumbnail-with-frame.jpg?fit=170%2C219&ssl=1

    Molotov TV Case Study

    Scality’s industry expertise and large partner network allowed Molotov to minimize challenges; at initial deployment, and as they grow.

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  • Natixis.jpg?fit=640%2C122&ssl=1

    Natixis Case Study

    International bank does backup storage by the numbers. Worried about the reliability and throughput of their existing backup solution, Natixis was looking at new storage options.

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  • RTL-Interactive-Case-Study-1.jpg?fit=170%2C220&ssl=1

    RTL Interactive Case Study PDF

    With a hundred million video views per month, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland is experiencing tremendous growth in its VOD business and needed a way to scale beyond traditional storage solutions.

  • host-europe-logo.png?fit=500%2C173&ssl=1

    Host Europe Case Study

    Discover how Host Europe, a leading provider of web hosting and Internet services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, successfully implemented a cloud storage project based on the Scality RING that allows it to offer a cost-effective storage solution to its customers.

  • dlr.jpg?fit=180%2C150&ssl=1

    DLR Case Study

    Find out how the Photogrammetry and Image Analysis department at Earth Observation Center (part of the German Aerospace Center) uses the Scality RING to store and manage millions of files. The RING allows parallel access — up to 40 workstations at a time — which was not possible with the existing infrastructure.

  • biglobe.gif?fit=500%2C462&ssl=1

    Biglobe Case Study by HPE

    BIGLOBE constructs lower-cost, high-density scalable storage environment. As a leading Japanese internet and cloud service provider, BIGLOBE is migrating to a more robust mail storage system for their 3 million broadband clients.

  • RTL 2

    RTL II Case Study by HPE

    RTL II shifts video archive into hyperscale with HPE and Scality. With its active video archive growing 200 terabytes per year, German TV station RTL II needed a more efficient way to scale.

  • SFR

    SFR Case Study

    The success of SFR and Scality is a strong example of how software-defined storage enables service providers to generate revenue by expanding their services beyond their traditional offerings.

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  • File versus Object: implementing a unified object storage platform for both

    Webinar Replay: Mama, don’t take my file system away! File Versus Object – Implementing a unified object storage platform for both

    When object based storage was in its infancy, Scality developed a highly scalable object based platform. However, it quickly became clear that, no matter how much systems architects liked the object-based model, the correlating applications would take decades to adapt to the new models. Faced with this reality, we pursued the development of a true scale-out file system — a file system built on top of an infinitely scalable object backend.

    Scality’s file system is uniquely positioned to meet this need.

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  • Scality-and-Cisco-Webinar-about-Healthcare.png?fit=440%2C570&ssl=1

    Addressing Data Storage Challenges and Opportunities in Healthcare with Scality and Cisco

    The reality of today’s Digital Transformation means that massive amounts of data of many different types are generated in the course of healthcare diagnostics, delivery and maintenance. Radiology, pathology cardiology, dermatology… multiple specialties contribute large images to the patient record, while audio, high-resolution images, videos, security camera footage, IoT, documents and other materials round out a large patient data set.

    There is a massive and ever-increasing amount of data to be used, stored and protected in healthcare. To serve its purpose, that data needs to be available whenever it’s needed, 24/7/365 by healthcare professionals. The amount of information is huge, and growing as resolutions get higher, modalities increase and patients age.

    Scality and Cisco help you meet these challenges by delivering superior data durability with availability that’s guaranteed, and low TCO.

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  • beyond-big-data-webinar.jpg?fit=440%2C570&ssl=1

    A free Webinar from The Register – Beyond Big Data: Making business value the object of the exercise

    April 27, 2017 at 11am BST: To help us understand the potential opportunities open to companies of all shapes and sizes, the challenges that go with them and the role of object-based storage platforms in the solution, tune in to the information-rich conversation between HPE’s Phil Lewis, David Harvey of Scality and Freeform Dynamics’ Tony Lock, carefully corralled by our own Jon Collins.

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