Case Studies

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    Host Europe Case Study

    Discover how Host Europe, a leading provider of web hosting and Internet services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, successfully implemented a cloud storage project based on the Scality RING that allows it to offer a cost-effective storage solution to its customers.

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    DLR Case Study

    Find out how the Photogrammetry and Image Analysis department at Earth Observation Center (part of the German Aerospace Center) uses the Scality RING to store and manage millions of files. The RING allows parallel access — up to 40 workstations at a time — which was not possible with the existing infrastructure.

  • biglobe.gif

    Biglobe Case Study by HPE

    BIGLOBE constructs lower-cost, high-density scalable storage environment. As a leading Japanese internet and cloud service provider, BIGLOBE is migrating to a more robust mail storage system for their 3 million broadband clients.

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    RTL II Case Study by HPE

    RTL II shifts video archive into hyperscale with HPE and Scality. With its active video archive growing 200 terabytes per year, German TV station RTL II needed a more efficient way to scale.

  • daisy-group-plc-logo.jpg

    Daisy Group Case Study by HPE

    UK service provider transforms data protection with HPE Apollo 4510 and Scality. Innovative archive-as-a-service speeds disaster recovery and reduces costs.

  • sfr.png

    SFR Case Study

    The success of SFR and Scality is a strong example of how software-defined storage enables service providers to generate revenue by expanding their services beyond their traditional offerings.

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Solution Sheets

Analyst Reports

  • idc-marketscape-2016-cover.jpg

    IDC MarketScape 2016

    IDC has just published its 2016 MarketScape Report for Object Storage—and Scality is positioned in the Leader’s category. As we were in their previous 2 reports. How does a storage vendor deliver such consistent market performance against its peers?

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  • the_total_economic_impact_of_scality_ring_with_dell_storage_servers_Ss.png

    Forrester Total Economic Impact of Scality RING

    Hot off the presses from Forrester: a rigorous 3-year analysis of the Scality RING with Dell storage servers, as used by real enterprises. The findings? Performance, durability, and scale at a fraction of the cost of comparable NAS.

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  • ESG-Performance-Benchmark.png

    ESG Performance Benchmark

    Testing focused primarily on the performance of both object based and file-based storage, each with two data protection methods, replication, and erasure coding. ESG Lab also tested the resiliency and high availability of the solution by measuring rebuild times for simulated drive failures.

  • Neovise-Logo-Transparent-Resize.png

    Scality RING – Neovise Solution Assessment

    Scality RING is a petabyte-scale, software-only storage solution that unifies block, file and object storage technology and delivers scale, performance and affordability on commodity hardware. RING also provides features such as Geosync data protection and enhanced support for a variety of industry-standard file systems.

  • Typical-StaaS-deployment-with-Scality-RING.png

    Intel Cloud Builders Scality RING Reference Architecture

    This reference architecture defines a distributed environment perfectly aligned to what service providers and large enterprises expect from today’s technology vendors. These expectations envisage deployment to a cost-effective, largely proven, on-premise Google or Amazon-like environment, with millions of transactions or billions of objects exchanged every day.


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