Training and certification

Training for technical sales professionals

An in-depth online training course

to help technical pre-sales pros design data storage solutions with Scality RING

This Scality Certified Architect (SCA) workshop will help you position Scality RING & ARTESCA to your customers, qualify their needs and solve their data problems. You’ll gain an understanding of how to size the right amount of servers and storage required to formalize a final proposal, as well as how to outline and build Scality-certified ISVs into the solution.

What you’ll learn in Scality Certified Architect (SCA) training

Key market drivers

affecting the storage industry


that power software-based and scale-out storage systems

Use cases

for software-defined storage


to meet your customers’ business and tech requirements

English October 24 – 25 2023

Spanish September 28 – 29 2023

AMER September 13 – 14 2023

French November 13 – 14 2023

German September 26 – 27 2023

Asean & ANZ September 6 -7 2023

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