Deliver secure (and profitable) S3-compatible object storage with a simple, integrated solution

Cloud providers, rejoice! The leading cloud service-delivery platform has united with the world’s best object storage to power successful cloud-service businesses.

Scality and VMware’s integrated solution enables service providers (and their customers) to easily manage petabyte-scale object storage directly from the VMware Cloud Director UI.

The result? Cloud service providers can quickly create new services for a range of data protection workloads, including backup and archive, disaster recovery, big data, and more. 

“We introduced OSIS to align with our Cloud Service Provider requirements for a single interface into any third-party object store from within Cloud Director. Our goal is to deepen alliances and ecosystem usage by fostering stronger collaboration and innovating advanced integrations to enhance Cloud Director offerings. VMware Cloud Providers and their customers can utilize Scality RING Object Storage services via the VMware Cloud Director interface.”

Guy Bartram

director of cloud services, VMware

Solution Sheet

Scality object storage and
VMware Cloud Director

Manage the world’s best object storage directly from VMware’s Cloud Service Provider Portal


Capitalize on increasing demand for S3-compatible storage

The global Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) market is expected to surge at a CAGR of 16.4% between 2020 and 2030. With the demand for STaaS exploding, cloud providers are looking to provide value (and drive revenue) via secure, multi-tenant infrastructure and application platform-level services they can spin up for customers in minutes.

Cloud-service businesses use VMware Cloud Director to deliver secure, efficient, and elastic cloud resources to thousands of enterprises and IT teams across the globe. And a good thing has gotten even better…

Now you can augment your VMware cloud provider offerings with rapid deployment of profitable new services built on Scality’s industry-leading, S3-compatible object storage.


VMware Cloud Director integration with Scality RING

A deep dive into how Scality works with VMware Cloud Director

By Anurag Mittal, engineering lead, Scality

What is VMware Cloud Director?

VMware Cloud Director is a service delivery platform designed for service providers that want to build and manage multi-tenant cloud infrastructures. It enables the creation and management of virtual data centers, allowing users to provision and manage compute (VMs), networks, storage, and other cloud resources in a scalable and automated manner.

What are VMware Object Storage Extension (OSE) and VMware Object Storage Interoperability Service (OSIS)?

VMware OSE is a service that enables Cloud Director to integrate with object storage. OSIS is a standardized method for object storage vendors to integrate with OSE, which surpasses previous vendor integrations that have existed for years as one-off, time-intensive engineering engagements

Scality is certified as an OSIS-compliant partner for VMware Cloud Director

Scality is excited to be the first object storage vendor to be certified by VMware to be OSIS-compliant. Now customers can effortlessly manage, provision and monitor Scality RING storage directly from the VMware user interface.

Cloud storage use cases

Scality RING and VMware Cloud Director enable service providers to offer a wide variety of differentiated services to their customers, including: 

  • Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS)
  • Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)
  • Ransomware Protection-as-a-Service (RPaaS)
  • Many other -aaS offerings!

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Key benefits of Scality RING’s integration with VMware Cloud Director

Certified for seamless interoperability
VMware provides the Object Storage Extension (OSE) and the Object Storage Interoperability Service (OSIS) to enable S3-compatible storage providers to tightly integrate with VMware Cloud Director. Scality is part of the VMware Partner Program™ for Object Storage Extension and is certified by VMware as an OSIS-compliant partner.
Comprehensive Amazon S3 compatibility
The Amazon S3 API has become the industry’s default cloud storage API and the standard RESTful interface for object storage. Scality offers scalable and durable object storage with a comprehensive, native S3 interface combining secure multi-tenancy and high performance.
Unbreakable, enterprise-grade security
Scality supports regulatory requirements for privacy and security via secure multi-tenancy with AWS-compatible identity and access management (IAM) signature v4 authentication, access control, bucket-level object versioning and industry-standard AES 256 encryption. To support customers’ need for ransomware protection, Scality offers data immutability enabled by the Amazon S3 Object Lock API. This defense renders data impervious to attacks by preventing it from being deleted or overwritten for a period of time (or indefinitely).
Boundless scalability
Scality supports growth of big data to dozens of petabytes and beyond. Scale out seamlessly as your performance and capacity needs grow  — without downtime or disruption of access. Acting as a single, distributed system, Scality scales limitlessly and linearly across thousands of servers, multiple sites, and an unlimited number of objects.
Operational & economic efficiency

For maximum compatibility and cost-savings, Scality software is designed for deployment on industry-standard x64 server platform hardware, disk drives and standard IP networks. By riding on the declining cost of commodity hardware, the cost of ownership is minimized. Unlike conventional storage, our design enables worry-free capacity expansion to any level of capacity and performance. A single growing pool of storage helps cloud service providers simplify management and reduce storage silos.



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