6 reasons why Scality
is the best object storage
for Veeam v12 backups

The #1 Gartner-ranked object store for backup* joins forces with Veeam for bulletproof ransomware protection, data immutability and operational efficiency — without sacrificing flexibility or performance.

Learn how Scality — the best object storage solution for Veeam v12 and the only software-defined object storage partner selected for the v12 release — can help you master the 3-2-1-1 backup rule.

*2022 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage

Never-fail restores with 100% system uptime

The reality is 58% of backups fail.* To maintain business continuity and operations, backup restores must be fast, predictable and reliable.

When your organization’s data is on the line, your backup solution must be incredibly resilient and fault-tolerant. Uptime is everything.

Tape, appliances, and the cloud all have serious disadvantages for Veeam backups.

Tape troubles

While tape has a role to play in offsite and air-gapped backup copies and long-term archives, it is not without its troubles for modern backup needs. Tape can be a headache to manage as keeping tapes reliable for the long term means periodically rewriting data. Tape drives can become obsolete or unsupported over time, making tapes created on older drives difficult or impossible to read. These drawbacks conspire to negate tape’s cost advantages.

Appliance ailments

Backup appliances typically have a single point of failure if not purchased in pairs, resulting in double the cost. They also have a severe performance penalty for restoring data versus backing up data.

The cloud conundrum

Cloud backups are fine for a backup copy, but restoring from cloud storage is slow. Don’t count on it for immediate restore needs, especially from cold storage services such as Amazon S3 Glacier and Azure Archive Storage — their performance SLAs are measured in hours.

Scality never fails, thanks to:

No-SPOF, distributed software solutions with no single point of failure and deliver up to 14 nines of data durability

Advanced multi-site capabilities through mirroring to secondary sites, or multi-site geo-stretched deployments for total site failure tolerance

Premium Scale Care Services offering provides remote monitoring and proactive issue detection + resolution with a 100% uptime guarantee/SLA

4 to 8x faster restores than traditional backup solutions

Every stat on downtime tells one simple story: Avoid it at all costs — or it’ll cost you.

When you’re evaluating backup storage solutions, performance is a critical measure of effectiveness and value.

With Scality, your most critical services can be restored in less than 5 minutes

How do you figure?

Let’s say, for example, Veeam needs to restore 100 VMs of 30GB each, 50% dedupe/compression ratio…

With a Scality system configured to achieve 6GB/sec restore throughput, Veeam can restore the 100 VMs in < 5 minutes

Even with a smaller system that achieves 3GB/sec restore throughput, Veeam can restore the 100 VMs in < 10 minutes

How much does downtime cost enterprises per hour?*


for 91% of enterprises


for 44% of enterprises


higher costs for companies with frequent downtime

Before business was 24×7, enterprise IT performed backups during a nightly “backup window” when business was quiet. Today’s data needs have shrunk that window to near zero, making speed mission-critical.

The faster the backups, the more data can be backed up in limited time — and when restores are required, the faster the throughput, the faster operations are back up and running.


*2021 Hourly Cost of Downtime survey, ITIC

Performance of Scality for Veeam backups

Backup/restore throughput of 80 TB/ hour over S3

Assuming standard six-node architecture, 50% dedupe/compression reductions from backup application

The same throughput for backup and restores

Not the case for backup appliances!

Easily scaled out throughput

Simply add more servers as the number and size of backup jobs increases with no downtime

1 platform for many workloads

Run multiple backup jobs simultaneously into one Scality deployment — we thrive on high aggregate throughput workloads

The result?

4 to 8x faster restore than traditional solutions

Scality can do 80 TB/hour, for both backups and restores — that’s 4x faster than a leading backup vendor’s largest appliance and 8x faster than their small and medium-sized appliances.

And, unlike appliance solutions, Scality doesn’t suffer a restore performance penalty.

Here’s how the math works…

Backup appliance vendors quote peak throughput numbers up to 20-30 TB/hour for their largest and most expensive configurations. They claim even higher levels of performance through data reduction (compression and deduplication) at the source of the backups, which ultimately sends less data to the storage solution.

Reassembling deduplicated data in backup appliances causes major overhead and negative impact on restore performance — as little as 10% but up to 75% lower restore vs. backup performance.

Given this, the largest appliance solutions commonly restore data at speeds under 20 TB/hour (and less than half of that for smaller solutions). This reality gives Scality a clear 4 to 8x performance advantage for critical restore operations.

Multi-level, immutable ransomware protection for zero data loss

Immutability is widely recognized as a must-have in the fight against ransomware because it effectively safeguards data from any deletion or modification (whether it be malicious or accidental). And it also provides the best “last line of defense” protection in your overall cyber-security infrastructure.

A note of caution: Not all object storage vendors support true immutability. As you’re vetting solutions, ensure that S3 Object Lock is supported, with data retention policies and a compliance mode to prevent unauthorized changes.

By partnering with Veeam, Scality solutions provide for truly air-gapped, tamper-proof backup data that stays immune to ransomware — offering a robust and quick recovery path in the event you are attacked.

Scality is the only software-defined object storage partner supporting the complete set of Veeam v12 features:


  • Direct-to-object storage: Take full advantage of the trusted immutability and unlimited scalability of object storage without sacrificing backup performance.
  • Smart Object Storage API: Streamline the most demanding data environments with increased ease of use, visibility and manageability of data. Simplified storage tiering is optimized for both performance and capacity without compromise.

Scality protects data against ransomware with 5 levels of unbreakable cyber resilience

Application-level resilience

  • Amazon S3 object locking immutability with configurable data retention policies and compliance mode
  • Veeam v12 “Direct to object” backups and SOSAPI support, plus automated enforcement of validated IAM access control policies

Network & data resilience

  • Secure HTTPS/TLS S3 connections and AES 256-bit data encryption-at-rest (with KMS support)
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for secure UI logins, plus automated firewall rules on deployment

Storage resilience

  • Distributed erasure coding renders data indecipherable to low-level and data exfiltration attacks; metadata in secure repository and data on intrinsically immutable object storage layer
  • Scale-out from TB to 100PB+ with 14 nines data protection and self-healing

Geographic replication resilience

  • Async replication to separate security and management domain for “air-gapped” offsite storage
  • Eliminates the “all data in one place” problem

Core architecture-level resilience

  • Integrated, security-hardened Linux operating system precludes root access, reduces exposure to CVEs to limit a wide range of attack threats

Master the 3-2-1-1 rule with a single-vendor object storage backup solution

The 3-2-1 backup rule has long been embraced. Now it’s been replaced with an upgrade to ensure the recoverability of modern, mission-critical data.


Three different copies of data (primary)


Store copies on two different media (backup)


Keep one backup copy offsite


Keep one backup copy offline or on immutable data storage

The upgraded 3-2-1 backup rule helps you confidently address any failure scenario or ransomware attack — and, thanks to Scality, it just got far easier to master.

Scality simplifies the backup tiers of 3-2-1-1 with a single-vendor solution for performance, capacity and offsite copies. By leveraging Scality’s scale-out capabilities for each tier, silos are a thing of the past.

Note: As of Veeam Data Platform v12, Scality’s products support 3 tiers: performance, capacity and long-term retention, which gives customers the ultimate flexibility to deploy the architecture best suited for their needs.

Scality object storage is the only solution validated with Veeam v12 for each backup tier in 3-2-1-1

Immutable performance tier

with direct-to-object backups

Immutable capacity tier

with scale-out object

Immutable offsite long-term retention tier

for monthly/yearly backups

50% faster and more efficient Microsoft 365 backups

Veeam officially recommends S3 object storage for Microsoft 365 backups. Why?

Because far less storage capacity is required on S3 object storage than on simple block-based storage — this is due to Veeam data
block sizes and more effective use of compression on the backups sent to object storage, which also has a commensurate impact on performance.

Benefits of Scality S3 object storage for Microsoft 365 backups

Increased efficiency

50% less storage capacity required on Scality vs. block-based storage

Increased performance

Scality enables a 50% increase in continuous, stable performance due to lesser capacity requirements

Unlimited scale

Scality S3 object storage easily grows and scales with increasing data volumes

Freed-up workload

With Veeam offloading metadata processing to the object store, workload is freed up on the CPU of the backup server (“VBO Backup Proxy”)

IDC reports that Scality customers enjoy 59% TCO savings and much more…

Unlike other solutions that are simply not cost-effective at scale, especially for long-term storage, Scality delivers substantial savings.

IDC interviewed real-world customers about the impact of Scality of their storage costs, IT operations, and business activities. The results revealed transformational benefits.


The real-world business value of Scality


reduction in total cost of ownership


5-year return on investment


more efficient IT infrastructure staff


more storage capacity available


reduced cost of storage capacity


faster IT agility to deploy new storage


more productive analytics teams


more productive end users

See what enterprise customers say about Scality

Download IDC’s research paper to see the full results of their interviews.


“Hands down, Scality is the best backup target to keep data safe and immutable. It’s the ultimate ‘insurance plan’…”

Craig Somerville

CEO, Somerville IT Services

Your data is invaluable.

Backup to the best. 


Protect your backup data with confidence using Scality’s time-tested immutable architecture to eliminate silos and simplify management.

Zero downtime

No data loss

Lightning-fast performance

Unbreakable ransomware protection

Flexible hardware + software integrations

Cost-effective disaster recovery solutions

Unbeatable peace of mind

See Scality + Veeam Data Platform v12 in action

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6 reasons why Scality is the best object storage for Veeam v12 backups

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