What is S3 compatible storage?

Amazon Web Services

Data is growing faster than ever before and most of that data is unstructured: video, email, files, data backups, surveillance streams, genomics and more. Object storage systems are designed for this type of data at petabyte scale.

Amazon Web Services and S3 Compatible Storage

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has emerged as the dominant service in public cloud computing. The AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) has grown to become the largest and most popular public cloud storage service. As a result, it has been embraced by developers of custom and ISV applications as the de-facto standard object storage API for storing unstructured data in the cloud.

The Amazon S3 interface has evolved over the years to become a very robust data management interface. Unlike traditional file system interfaces, it provides application developers a means to control data through a rich API set.

S3 Compatible Storage is a storage solution that allows access to and management of the data it stores over an S3 compliant interface.

What are the benefits of S3 compatible storage?

Application Partners
Largest choice of compatible ISV applications

Data Assurance
Assurance of leveraging a robust and widely tested object storage access interface

Low Risk
Little to no risk of inter-operability issues

Did you know?

Scality is at the forefront of the S3 Compatible Storage trend with multiple commercial products and open-source projects:

Scality connect for Azure Blob Storage

translates Amazon S3 API calls to Azure Blob Storage API calls. Scality Connect enables customers to immediately consume Azure Blob Storage with their proven Amazon S3 applications without any application modifications.

Zenko multi-cloud data controller

offers a seamless and consistent experience across multiple clouds. With Zenko, developers gain a single unifying API and access layer for data wherever it’s stored: on-premises or in the public cloud with AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage (coming soon), and many more clouds to follow.

Zenko Cloudserver

(formerly Scality S3 Server): an open-source Amazon S3-compatible object storage server that allows cloud developers build and deliver their S3 compliant apps faster by doing testing and integration locally or against any remote S3 compatible cloud. A full set of AWS S3 language-specific bindings and wrappers, including Software Development Kits (SDKs) are provided.

Scality RING

offers an object storage solution with a native and comprehensive S3 interface. Scality S3 Connector is the first AWS S3-compatible object storage for enterprise S3 applications with secure multi-tenancy and high performance.

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