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  • Amazon Web Services

    What is S3 compatible storage?

    Data is growing faster than ever before and most of that data is unstructured: video, email, files, data backups, surveillance streams, genomics and...

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  • True freedom and control

    What is Multi-cloud?

    Multi-cloud is one of today’s biggest buzzwords. Multi-cloud is also a fairly general term being used by many people for many purposes and as such is...

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  • Storage for digital business

    What is software defined storage?

    Hardware-centric storage systems, such as dedicated appliances and NAS, have hit a wall. They can’t cope with the massive data volumes, need for...

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  • Organize and share data seamlessly

    What is a distributed file system?

    A distributed file system is a physically distributed implementation of the classical time-sharing model of the traditional file system, allowing...

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  • Active Archives at Petabyte Scale with Access and Performance on Demand

    What is Nearline Storage

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  • There are three types of traditional object storage server

    What is Object Storage?

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  • No downtime on data

    What is always-on Petabyte Storage

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  • Big data. Really gargantuan data, that’s what.

    What is an Exabyte anyway?

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  • Nas, or network attached storage, is the main and primary shared storage architecture for file storage, which has been the ubiquitous and familiar way to store data for a long time, based on a traditional file system comprising files organized in hierarch

    Object Storage vs. NAS

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