Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Supporting mission-critical deployments

HPE and Scality have had a worldwide marketing, sales, and support agreement since 2014. Over the years, we have deployed hundreds of enterprise solutions, supporting the most recognizable brands and enterprises in their respective industries. Together, HPE and Scality offer solutions for Big Data, backup & archive, content repositories, media workflows, medical imaging and many other essential workloads.

Scality projects tend to be mission-critical and impact the core of customer infrastructure. All participants need to deliver at the peak of their capability to achieve success. HPE brings to the table global capabilities, world-class support and service.

  • “The long-standing partnership between HPE and Scality provides our joint customers a proven, industry-leading solution to the challenges they face with unstructured data growth, operational management, and cost at petabyte scale.” 

    Chris Powers VP & GM, collaborative platforms and big data, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • "Video data has a huge impact on the safety and security of our staff and prisoners. People’s lives are at stake in extreme cases. Therefore, it’s hugely important that there are safeguards around how the data is stored and secured. HPE and Scality provide us with assurance that those safeguards are in place and that they will work.”

    George Jackson, head of ICT, Irish Prison Service
  • “This solution is revolutionizing our users’ ability to do their jobs with speed and ease."

    Dan Kortenhoeven senior systems engineer, HPE