Zenko cloudserver compatibility with owncloud serve

Zenko CloudServer is the Open Source Amazon S3-compatible service that enables single unified API access to data with support for multi-cloud storage backends

San Francisco, CA – August 29, 2018 Scality, leader in software for distributed file and object storage and multi-cloud data control,  today announced that ownCloud has tested and certified Scality’s Zenko CloudServer for use with ownCloud.  An Amazon S3-compatible object storage server that lets you build and integrate apps faster and store data anywhere, Zenko CloudServer compatibility with ownCloud Server means that Scality RING Software-Defined Storage, and other applications that use the Zenko CloudServer API,  can serve as certified storage back-ends for ownCloud.

ownCloud certified Scality Zenko CloudServer for object- and file-based storage in conjunction with ownCloud Server (version 10.0.9 or newer).  “We’re pleased to have completed this certification process so that we can now provide our joint Scality/ownCloud customers with support that we can stand behind to meet our customers’ SLA’s,” Felix Böhm, CTO of ownCloud.  “This certification is inherited by all Scality products that leverage its open source CloudServer API, including Scality RING Software-Defined Storage.”

The core of Zenko, Scality S3 Server is now Zenko CloudServer, a key component of Scality’s open-source multi-cloud data controller. With Zenko CloudServer, developers gain a single unifying API and access layer for data wherever it’s stored: on-premises or in the public cloud with AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and many others (Google Cloud Storage coming soon).  Zenko CloudServer enables on-premises Amazon S3-based application development and data deployment choice, providing a single Amazon S3 API set and 360° access to any cloud.

Software-defined Scality RING meets the unique challenges of growing, petabyte-scale storage for enterprises around the globe. It turns any standard x86 servers into web-scale storage, storing data without limits, with incredible efficiency and 100% reliability, guaranteed—all while reducing costs by as much as 90% over legacy systems. Deployed by more than 200 petabyte-scale customers around the world, Scality RING features native file protocols and high-fidelity Amazon S3 API, data encryption, volume and bucket data protection, data-restorative versioning, extended location control for data sovereignty, and geo-replication for disaster recovery for customers requiring ironclad data protection.

About Scality

Scality® storage propels companies to unify data management no matter where data lives — from edge to core to cloud. Our market-leading file and object storage software protects data on-premises and in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With RING and ARTESCA, Scality’s approach to managing data across the enterprise accelerates business insight for sound decision-making and maximum return on investment. To compete in a data-driven economy, IT leaders and application developers trust Scality to build sustainable, adaptable solutions. Scality is recognized as a leader by Gartner and IDC. Follow us @scality and LinkedIn. Visit www.scality.com, or subscribe to our company blog.

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