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ARTESCA: Lightweight, cloud-native object storage

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Designed for applications core-to-edge 

ARTESCA is intuitive software that redefines object storage for the new cloud-native era. It provides both a small footprint at the edge and scalability for the data center.  Designed for fast access, anywhere data lives, ARTESCA transforms how DevOps manages and accesses data. It’s ideal for a new generation of applications, including machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data analytics.  ARTESCA uniquely combines lightweight, cloud-native object storage design with true enterprise-grade capabilities.

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    Lightweight, cloud-native

    Fully containerized, cloud-native design can be deployed starting as small as a single server and grown easily over time, anywhere data lives from core to edge. It comes packaged with Kubernetes for turnkey installation on bare metal servers.

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    Comprehensive monitoring and management UI, full API based automation, IAM multi-tenancy, security and data encryption.

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    Superior data protection

    Highest levels of data durability through dual-layer erasure coding, provides fault tolerance without adding overhead — fast self-healing, plus integrated geographic replication.

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    Fast object storage

    Amazon S3 API app-centric storage delivers high-performance with ultra-low latency and tens of GB/sec of throughput per server.

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    Adaptive and sustainable

    Providing the widest choice of deployment platforms, Artesca offers freedom of choice today, plus it’s adaptive and sustainable across future platform technology generations.

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    Single pane of glass management

    Multi-cloud data, workflow management, geo-replication and metadata search.

An intuitive yet immersive User Interface
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    ARTESCA UI dashboard new
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    ARTESCA Architecture Diagram

Designed using cloud-native design principles to fit into the deployment and consumption patterns of new and emerging applications

ARTESCA is software for Kubernetes

  • Distributed, containerized services at all layers of the software stack
  • Stateless S3 data services for scale-out with standard load balancing
  • Reliable, strongly-consistent metadata service
  • Kubernetes on bare-metal servers for core and edge deployments

Dual-level data protection, plus disaster recovery

  • Distributed network erasure codes and local repair codes for durability and fast disk rebuilds
  • Up to eleven 9s data durability with efficiency and low overhead
  • Self-healing, checksums for data integrity assurance
  • Integrated geo-replication for D/R protection

Multi-tenancy and security

  • AWS IAM compatible multi-tenancy model with -Accounts, Users, Groups and Policies
  • AWS Signature v4 auth, access control via IAM policies
  • AES 256-bit encryption-at-rest, KMIP 1.2 compatible with popular Key Management Servers (KMS)
  • Secure network connections via HTTPS/SSL
    Learn how to support modern app development and easily manage your data with cloud-native object storage.
  • Scality ARTESCA product brief
    Randy Kerns of Evaluator Group gives an overview of how ARTESCA meets the demands of cloud-native apps.
    Learn how to solve data management challenges at the edge with modern object storage.
ARTESCA Optional Licenses
NAS Archiver
Offload dormant files for up to 70% TCO savings
Dedicated Care Service (DCS)
Remote monitoring, proactive maintenance with 100% SLA

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