Scale-out file and object storage

RING is the foundation for hybrid-cloud storage and data management

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Manage petabytes of data on-prem and in the cloud

Protecting data at scale is a challenging task that RING approaches through comprehensive experience working in the world’s largest companies. The distributed architecture is redundant without bottlenecks to scale out to dozens of petabytes of capacity in a single system. Data is protected at the highest levels, even against data center outages through industry-leading geo-distribution.

  • rocket

    Propel your business

    RING supports your company’s transformation from legacy to new cloud-based applications with data management and storage that scales organically to dozens of petabytes and beyond. Adapting to multiple applications, workloads and performance profiles makes RING the ideal solution for your digital business.

  • security

    Protect for peace of mind

    Enterprise-grade data durability, self-healing, availability, security, encryption and multi-tenancy makes RING the trusted foundation of your enterprise cloud data services.

  • together

    Consolidate data silos

    Access provided from both file (NFS, SMB) and object (S3) based applications eliminates storage silos, forklift upgrades and data migrations, greatly reducing operational costs. Single-system view allows administrators to easily manage multiple petabytes without additional time burden, thereby simplifying tasks and reducing operating expenses.

  • flow-back

    Move data anywhere

    RING provides class-leading geo-distribution through both synchronous (stretched) and asynchronous (replicated) solutions. With XDM (Zenko built in), customers get integrated hybrid-cloud data management to AWS, Azure and Google. RING provides built-in cloud archiving, bursting and disaster recovery (D/R) solutions.

  • find

    Make data visible

    RING offers complete UI-based system-level management and monitoring of all data services, data health, cloud workflows and hardware platform health. Comprehensive analytics provide detailed metrics for utilization reporting and the data needed to inform your storage planning decisions.

  • resilience

    Integrate for maximum flexibility

    Certified by over 100 leading ISV solutions in backup, archiving, analytics, media and healthcare, RING deployment is supported on the widest range of standard storage servers, including hybrid flash/HDD and all-flash server configurations. Choose the best platform for your business needs, avoid lock-in and enjoy the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Ransomware

    Enhanced Ransomware Protection

    Support for Amazon S3 Object Lock API renders data immutable and provides for air-gapped, tamper-proof backup data that stays immune to ransomware, offering a robust and swift recovery path in case of an attack, thereby thwarting ransomware.

RING system architecture

Built on a scalable foundation, RING delivers comprehensive Amazon S3-compatible object storage, POSIX-compatible NFS and SMB in a single system, with enterprise-grade data protection.

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RING is software for standard Linux-based x86 servers

  • Scale out seamlessly to grow without disruption as your needs do in performance and capacity

  • UI-based total systems management and monitoring, integrated S3 service management and data browser

  • Single or geo-distributed across data centers for continuous availability,  industry-leading storage efficiency

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    Diagram RING

RING file, object and hybrid-cloud storage in a single system

  • Amazon S3 and IAM APIs for object storage access
  • POSIX compatible file system, with standard NFS v4/v3 and SMB 3.0 file interfaces
  • Policy-based data replication and erasure-coding for up to eleven 9s data durability
  • Self-healing to preserve access, restore data and full protection in the event of disk or server failures
  • Integrated hybrid-cloud data management: smart lifecycle, replication, global metadata search across RING and AWS, Azure and Google cloud storage; leverages the proven technology of Scality’s open source Zenko 
  • security_scality

    RING enterprise-grade security

    • Comprehensive AWS IAM based multi-tenancy
    • AWS v4 authentication for S3 applications
    • Object locking for data immutability
    • AWS SSE compatible AES-256 bit encryption at rest, KMS integration
    • File system versioning & volume protection, Kerberos for NFS, Active Directory for SMB
    • RBAC for administrator access

Our Customers

Product in action

  • Healthcare Medical imaging archive

    CHU Dijon Bourgogne

    Top hospital modernizes medical imaging storage for 99.96% faster access and better care
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  • Cloud service providers Backup and archive


    IT outsourcer boosts efficiencies and cuts costs as it transforms into SaaS company
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  • Large enterprise Cloud and edge storage


    Telco giant Orange supports millions of users with Scality RING
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  • Media & entertainment Backup and archive

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Top-flight English football league keeps fans safe with video data management, edge-to-core
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  • Media & entertainment Media & entertainment content management


    Simplified, cost-effective storage-as-a-service for broadcasters enables real-time access to archives
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  • Government Backup and archive Other

    Irish Prison Service

    Multi-petabytes of storage to help ensure the safety and security of inmates and staff
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  • Large enterprise Backup and archive


    Fortune 500 Logitech streamlines enterprise backup with Scality
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  • Healthcare Medical imaging archive

    Lancaster General Health

    Nationally ranked institution simplifies its medical imaging environment with Scality
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  • Large enterprise Cloud service providers Backup and archive


    Leading telecom operator expands cloud-based services for 25+ million customers with Scality
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  • Cloud service providers Big data storage


    Scality RING safeguards 24+ billion unique objects for 4.9+ million email subscribers (and counting)
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  • Media & entertainment Media & entertainment content management

    RTL II

    Scality shifts video archive into hyperscale, boosting transfer speeds tenfold
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  • Media & entertainment Media & entertainment content management

    RTL Interactive

    Scality RING enables 1 billion views a year for video-on-demand provider
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  • Media & entertainment Media & entertainment content management

    Japan's largest video distribution company builds a multi-petabyte streaming infrastructure with Scality
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  • Media & entertainment Media & entertainment content management


    Scality RING helps deliver immersive streaming experiences to audiences on a global scale
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  • Cloud service providers Backup and archive


    Japanese IT leader constructs lower-cost, high-density scalable storage environment with Scality
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  • Media & entertainment Media & entertainment content management

    Bloomberg Media Group

    Bloomberg solves cloud media workflows across hybrid and multicloud environments
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  • Healthcare Big data storage Medical imaging archive

    University Hospital Basel

    Pioneering research hospital turns big data into an asset for fighting cancer and other complex diseases
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  • Healthcare Medical imaging archive Other


    AP-HM’s private “health cloud” secures massive, growing volumes of data
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Scality RING Optional Licenses:


Class-leading site-level data availability and D/R

Dedicated Care Service

Remote monitoring, proactive maintenance with 100% SLA