In Its First Year Alone, S3 Server Sees Close to 600,000 Downloads on DockerHub with Many Companies Using the Solution in Production

San Francisco, CA – June 28, 2017 Scality, a world leader in object and cloud storage, today announced strong developer adoption of its open-source Scality S3 Server object storage across healthcare, scientific research, finance, media, manufacturing design and government use cases. Available under the Apache 2.0 license, Scality S3 Server is free to use and to embed into developer applications where high availability, resiliency, and scalability is paramount. Scality S3 server has garnered nearly 600,000 DockerHub pulls since it was introduced in June 2016 and has many companies using the solution in production, such as Polyconseil and Cityzen Data.

“Historically, we stored user data in a shared network file system, which did not work very well with containers, let alone with third party applications. Now, we exclusively use Scality S3 Server to store all that data,” said Christian Patry, System Engineer, BlueSolutions by Polyconseil. “We sought an S3-compatible storage solution, but since our volumetric needs are low, we didn’t want to invest in an overly complex system. We are big users of Docker in our production environment and implemented the Docker version of Scality S3 Server. It is efficient, secure with encryption and S3 authentication, and very easy to maintain.”

Polyconseil is an atypical consulting firm combining council and technical experts. Polyconseil was chosen by Bolloré group to create and manage the information systems of its car sharing services, originally Autolib in Paris, and now in ten other cities around the world.

“Cityzen Data provides the Warp 10 data management platform for collecting, storing and delivering value from time series data stemming from all kinds of sensors to help customers accelerate real world workflows,” said Mathias Herberts, co-founder and CTO at Cityzen Data. “We rely on Scality S3 Server object storage to provide the archival storage backend for these applications. It enables us to access massive amounts of packed sensor data from any cloud using Scality’s single interface.”

Cityzen Data provides a leading-edge platform for collecting, storing, analyzing, and deriving value from deep pools of historical sensor data within the energy, aeronautics, and industrial IoT markets. It is the preeminent data management platform that helps to quickly propel customers from sensors to services.

Scality S3 Server is an open source implementation of the Amazon S3 API, packaged in Docker containers to benefit from the power of the Docker ecosystem. Small enough to be used on a laptop for developers to test their application locally, it is robust enough to be deployed in production, and can be deployed in a HA (Highly Available) configuration with Docker Swarm. The Scality S3 Server API is the component used by Scality RING customers for Amazon S3 API compatibility, and it reliably stores billions of objects for mission critical applications.

For customers who require comprehensive enterprise capabilities, Scality RING extends the S3 Server with advanced enterprise features, including reinforced security, access controls, and complete scale-out ability, all with guaranteed uptime. Scality RING also supports essential single-sign-on enterprise protocols such as Microsoft Active Directory, and LDAP.

“Amazon S3 API has emerged as the de-facto standard to fully leverage the scalability, reliability, and cost effectiveness of object storage, but public cloud is not the answer to everything. Developers especially want to be able to code and test locally or to embed the API in their CI (Continuous Integration environment) to maximize their productivity. Some organizations want the power of object storage, but prefer the control of private cloud deployment,” said Giorgio Regni, CTO at Scality. “Scality S3 Server empowers developers to leverage the Amazon S3 API for free in a variety of situations.”

About Scality

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