Announces one-month paternity leave and carbon offset program

San Francisco, CA – February 5, 2020 – Scality, leader in software solutions for global data orchestration and distributed file and object storage, today announced that it is making two new commitments in response to a social responsibility call from Cedric O, France Minister of State for the Digital Sector.

Earlier this month, Scality was honored with inclusion in the FrenchTech 120, the list of the most promising France-born tech companies, each of which will receive special attention from the French Government and public services to help each to achieve its full potential. As part of his address to the selected companies, Cedric O stated:

“Because they are destined to become world leaders and will benefit from increased state support, these companies also have a strong responsibility, that of thinking about their development in the context of the great challenges of our society. This is why the Government entices them, whatever their sector of activity, to commit themselves to their impact.”

Cedric O

France Minister of State for the Digital Sector

Scality has always been committed to Tech4good and social change. The company introduced a financial incentive in 2016 to encourage employees to exercise regularly; in 2017, it introduced donation matching to allow its employees to have an even bigger impact in their communities by helping them to support charities that matter to them. Initiatives supported include Equal Justice Initiative, Rire Medecin, the San Francisco Food Bank, Children with Cancer, Les Restos du Coeur, BuildOn, Coral Gardeners, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and many more. 

Conscious of Scality’s impact on the environment, the company also invested massively in room-to-room conferencing between its offices in Paris, San Francisco, Washington DC and Tokyo to decrease travel, and has also located each of its offices in major public transportation hubs to foster efficient commuting.

Last year, Scality was one of the founding signatories of the Galion Gender Agreement, a series of 45 commitments to promote the employment and promotion of women in technology.

In 2020, the company took two steps further: announcing one month paid leave for the second parent, and total carbon offset to compensate for its air travel carbon footprint.

Study after study makes clear that the career gap between men and women comes at the time their first child is born. Traditionally, fathers go back to work after a few days while mothers take care of their child for several weeks or months. This difference has a long-term impact on the careers and salaries of women. Furthermore, the difference in involvement between mothers and fathers during the first few months of the life of the baby creates habits that leave the woman in charge for many years. The most efficient way to create a real level playing field is to give the opportunity for fathers to be close to their babies too.

Beyond the impact in the workplace, having both parents caring for the first months of its life also make for a more secure and less stressful environment for the newborn. Scality is proud to join 105 other entrepreneurial companies, together representing 20,000 employees, to guarantee one month of paid leave for the second parent, regardless of their country of residence. In most countries, this is much more than the law requires. This paid-time-off is allocated to the second parent, regardless of their gender or status, because our society is evolving, and family models are as varied as they are rich and diverse.

“There is no doubt that promoting diversity and fighting climate change are two of the most impactful actions one can have nowadays. Diversity is at the core of our company as we provide enterprises and other large organizations the means to choose what kind of cloud IT they want to stay competitive in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution. We are proud to be at the forefront of social change.”
Jerome Lecat

Co-Founder and CEO, Scality

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