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5 levels of unbreakable cyber resiliency with Veeam v12 & Scality

Watch our popular talk to learn:

  • How to take advantage of Veeam Data Platform v12’s powerful features
  • Why data immutability with Amazon S3 Object Lock, data encryption, distributed erasure coding, core immutable storage and geo-replication are must-haves for ransomware-proof data
  • How to achieve 5 levels of unbreakable cyber resiliency with a Veeam v12 + Scality object storage architecture

It’s a must-see if you need to keep data secure and unbreakable — no matter what happens.

ARTESCA 2.0 is coming soon. Try the OVA free for 90 days.

See for yourself why security-conscious business application owners, DevOps and edge builders who need fast deployment and easy management choose ARTESCA.

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Veeam + Scality ARTESCA protects Microsoft 365 data for Piraeus Bank’s 12,000 users

Scality ARTESCA software is being used at Piraeus Bank as the on-premise S3 Object backup repository (backup target) for Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365.

“Taking control of data recovery is very important. In just a few clicks, we can access everything in Microsoft 365,” says the bank’s servers engineering manager.

6 reasons why Scality is the best object storage for Veeam v12 backups

The #1 Gartner-ranked object store for backup joins forces with Veeam for bulletproof ransomware protection, data immutability and operational efficiency — without sacrificing flexibility or performance

Speak with an expert on storage for unbreakable backups

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