Scality RING helps deliver immersive streaming experiences to audiences on a global scale

Deluxe provides innovative, secure distribution and localization services for studios, OTT platforms and content creators worldwide. Deluxe’s cloud-based solution, Deluxe One, offers unprecedented flexibility and reach through its customizable, end-to-end solutions that enable customers to create, transform, and distribute content and immersive streaming experiences to audiences on a global scale.

The world’s leading content creators, broadcasters, OTTs, and distributors rely on Deluxe’s experience and expertise to create, transform, localize, and distribute content — anytime, anywhere.

“We deliver direct to end consumers and when they push that play button, they expect playback. That’s the main revenue source for, you know, people selling video-on-demand services. We were relying on the CDNs for content storage, which had multiple implications.”

Allan Lamkin

CTO, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group

The challenge

When customers press PLAY, the video has to play without delay. When you’re in the video-on-demand business, that’s the product and your success depends on delivering it.

Deluxe’s service level agreements (SLAs) are very strict, and the company was relying on CDNs for content storage — not ideal.

“Now we’re able to bring content storage in-house, which has actually enabled us to shrink our required footprint. Before, we were having to store copies of the content multiple times, so whether it’s for different DRM formats, different streaming formats, multiple audio channels, things like that – we can now dynamically package it by having the content stored on our servers and using more advanced technology.”

Allan Lamkin

CTO, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group

The outcome

Scality RING now plays an essential role for Deluxe — it’s where all the content exists that’s delivered to end consumers. Huge numbers of requests for small and large data sizes come to Scality RING, and it’s been able to deliver the performance needed to serve millions of consumers. At times, Deluxe requires nearly 100-gigabit range for peak performance over time, and the RING is able to provide that —and help the company meet SLAs — without issue.

Thanks to the RING’s uptime and reliability, upgrades have been a breeze, as Deluxe’s CTO Allan Lamkin explains:

“Being able to do upgrades while keeping the data live all the time has been great. You’re less reliant on the simple RAID groups that you get from hardware. Now you have erasure-coded content that’s spread across multiple devices and nodes, so you can survive multiple hardware failures and ensure that your data integrity is intact. Even if you were to take down all the hardware and bring it back up, it’s the software that’s essentially maintaining the data across the disk.”

The financial impact of moving to Scality RING has been substantial — Deluxe expects to save millions of dollars over just a few years. And they’re pleased to have found a long-term solution that will effortlessly grow with their needs and evolve over time.

“We really wanted a solution that could evolve over time. We want to be able to continue to grow, to be able to add more nodes, and with Scality software-defined storage we’re able to do that. We can evolve over technologies and also use commodity hardware underneath. You’re not tied down to one particular piece of hardware. You can go to new technology over time and keep adding new nodes with your data still preserved. Once you’re storing petabytes and petabytes of data, one of the biggest problems is it’s not easy to move or copy off, so picking the right long-term solution is critical.”

“The financial implications of Scality RING are huge. It’s going to save us millions of dollars over the next few years alone.”

Allan Lamkin

CTO, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group

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