Big data storage

Performance of NVME storage with scalability and economics of the cloud

WekaIO Matrix and Scality RING together provide the ideal storage solution for demanding AI/ML and HPC workloads. 

The combined solution offers the performance of an NVMe™ array for processing hot data and the capacity of a limitlessly scalable, cost-effective private cloud storage for tiering and staging cold data in and out — all under a single namespace for easy management and optimized operational workflow.



Purpose-built for I/O-bound use cases, such as AI/ML and HPC workloads, the solution delivers the highest bandwidth and lowest latency, plus linear scaling. Remove storage bottlenecks and make workloads compute-bound again.

Scalability & availability

Gain a limitless storage pool with industry-leading data durability and protection. Easily and seamlessly grow storage capacity on-demand to petabytes and beyond, while keeping all data sets online and always available.


Software-defined, hardware-independent storage runs on commodity servers, with no vendor lock-in or premium. Built-in resiliency eliminates the need for prohibitive data backup at scale.


Get automatic, transparent data tiering and migration under a single namespace. Snapshot capabilities enable enhanced disaster resilience and cloud bursting.

The solution

Learn why the joint solution from WekaIO and Scality is perfectly suited to meet the demands of AI/ML and HPC workloads.

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