Ring digital media storage solution

Scality will be exhibiting at NAB Show 2013 April 8-11

San Francisco, CA – April 2nd, 2013 Scality, provider of award winning distributed storage software, today announced the availability of its RING Digital Media Storage solution.

Rich media libraries are expanding exponentially, as media outlets and platforms proliferate. HD, 3D and now 4K formats have dramatically increased file sizes and new distribution end-points have produced a multiplicity of media formats, each requiring that multiple files to be encoded and maintained. Scality’s RING Digital Media Storage was developed to ensure that content producers, post production houses and distribution companies can safely and securely store and access their ever expanding content libraries – cost effectively.

Scality’s RING for Digital Media, provides a single innovative solution for both linear archival storage and non-linear play-out storage. Its natively distributed design is based on object storage technology, seamlessly accommodating any and all file formats. Unlike other object stores, it uses this distributed architecture to provide highly concurrent access, perfectly suited to handle the intensive workflows of media and entertainment. With this new solution, Scality brings together massive scale and capacity, multisite capability and cost effectiveness.

“The digitization of content and radical increase in the popularity of video has changed the face of the media industry in recent years. The logical transition to private cloud infrastructure is revolutionizing media distribution and post-production. Scality RING for Digital Media delivers on that dream of cloud storage infrastructure – Providing large scale storage at the right price, with the right performance profile, and the right SLA. At the end of the day, the goal is to deliver easier, more cost effective access to media assets and provide more ways to monetize them over time.”

Jerome Lecat


Advanced storage is a necessity when archiving audio and video content. Archival libraries must be kept on-line for use across multiple projects, with ever increasing distribution requirements. As data stores grow, the ability to scale with minimal reconfiguration and without data migration becomes crucial. Scality’s RING Digital Media Storage delivers all of this and more:

  • Virtually indefinite scalability in a single volume – eliminating complex configuration management, and the need for large-scale data migration.
  • A fail-safe solution with 100% service uptime and complete data durability and resilience
  • A collaborative solution which enables automatic movement of media from a single source to multiple locations
  • Independently validated performance metrics showing high bandwidth and low latency prove that RING is uniquely suited to origin server workflows.
  • Available at a price that makes new in-house origin servers feasible and income streams like VOD and Internet TV truly realistic.


  • Availability: Scality RING for Digital Media is available today.
  • Scality will be exhibiting at NAB Show 2013 April 8-11, Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall, Booth # SL14805
  • Advanced erasure coding technology ensures that your media assets are protected against hardware failure and data center disaster, and it does so at a fraction of the cost of replication. 
  • Independent performance validation – by ESG
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