Dedicated Care Service Supplemental Terms of Service

Effective starting: July 3, 2018

Dedicated Care Service Supplemental Terms of Service

1. Dedicated Care Service. The dedicated care service described in this Supplemental Terms of Service (the “Dedicated Care Service” or “DCS”) is provided as an annual subscription and covers all Software deployed at the department level but does not aim at covering Software of distinct company departments with separate operations teams. Dedicated Care Service provides to the Customer all the services at the applicable level of DCS purchased, either “DCS Fundamental” or “DCS Extended” as provided below. All DCS plans are subject to the execution by the Customer of a software license agreement related to the Software (the “Agreement”).

2. DCS Fundamental provisions. For customers that purchase a DCS Fundamental plan, the following support services are provided above standard support:

3. DCS Extended. A Customer who purchases a DCS Extended services plan is entitled to all of the above services and provisions for a DCS Fundamental plan (other than KPI Review, which is replaced as provided below), plus the additional services or provisions shall also apply:

4. Definition. Unless otherwise above defined, capitalized terms used in this DCS will have the meaning set forth in the Agreement.