GigaOm Radar for High-Performance Object Storage

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IDC validates the business value of Scality

Scality receives top marks as an outperformer — “offering outstanding performance with reasonable storage costs.”

Object storage is being redefined for the cloud-native era. A new generation of fast object stores can handle interactive, high-performance workloads — while offering undeniable scalability, availability, accessibility, security and TCO advantages.

Looking for the highest levels of performance for data-intensive workloads? The GigaOm Radar for High-Performance Object Storage is an essential vendor assessment tool for IT decision-makers.

Download the full 2022 GigaOm Radar report to learn:

  • How vendors compare across key criteria, including workload optimization and strong consistency, serverless capabilities, cloud integration, analytics, Kubernetes support, edge optimization and more
  • How they rank across evaluation metrics, including $/GB, performance, efficiency, flexibility, manageability and ecosystem
  • How GigaOm weighs each vendor in terms of technical capabilities, execution, roadmap and ability to innovate
  • Why Scality earns its seat in the leaders’ circle as an outperformer

Interested in the results of ARTESCA’s storage engine performance test? Scality CMO Paul Speciale walks through the details here.

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“The Scality offering is a promising and extended solution for companies of all sizes and can be implemented in multi-petabyte environments all the way to the edge.”

“A next-generation object store able to target a broader range of workloads at scale.”

“Outstanding performance with reasonable storage costs.”

GigaOm Radar for High-Performance Object Storage v3.0

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