IT Leaders fuel AI/ML projects

with all-flash object storage

Download the report and learn why 80% of your peers are migrating workloads to all-flash object storage.

IT leaders are optimizing to access data at scale by embracing on-prem, all-flash object storage. 77% of current enterprise users say it’s a high-impact game changer.

  • Strong adoption with growing interest for all-flash object storage
  • New workloads and digital initiatives are fueling interest in all-flash object storage
  • For users, all-flash object storage is a game changer
  • Top considerations with all-flash object storage
“All-flash object storage is well on its way to becoming a foundation of the modern data storage ecosystem.”
Scott Sinclair

Senior Analyst, ESG

Insights at a glance

Digital transformation is fueling the need to create, store, and use data faster than ever before. All-flash object storage is here to meet the challenge.

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