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DCIG top 5 on-premises SDS object storage solutions Scality RING solution profile

Facing a deluge of data growth — unstructured data.

This acceleration is a principal reason behind the widespread adoption of object storage.

What’s included in the report:

  • Key characteristics and benefits of object storage
  • An overview of public cloud storage challenges
  • Why organizations are repatriating their data from the cloud to on-premises or hybrid-cloud solutions
  • Principal reasons driving the adoption of on-premises object storage
  • How software-defined storage expands on the benefits of object storage
  • Distinguishing features of the top 5 SDS on-prem object storage solutions
  • Notable features that earned Scality RING its top ranking
“Scality designed RING as a distributed, parallel, scale-out architecture allowing enterprises to consolidate and manage their unstructured data onto a single, scalable platform.”
Todd Dorsey

Analyst, DCIG

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