Heat Up Your Backup Strategy

Ransomware Resilience & Hot Sauce Crafting with Scality & Flagler

Join us for a sizzling virtual event brought to you by Scality and Flagler!


May 2024 @ 4pm ET

In this unique session, we’re not only delving into the crucial topic of ransomware protection and ensuring the immutability of your backups, but we’re also turning up the heat with a fun and interactive hot sauce making class.

We’ll provide you with all the ingredients to learn:

Essential tips

 from industry experts on safeguarding your data against ransomware attacks

Insights into best practices

for data protection, including the importance of immutable backups

How to implement

robust strategies to mitigate ransomware risks effectively

How to craft

your own signature hot sauce!


Candida Valois

Field CTO

Dan Alonso

Business Development Manager
Flagler Technologies

Please note: One week before the event, we’ll ship all the ingredients you need to craft your perfect hot sauce to the address provided in your registration.

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