SeqOIA Médecine Génomique

Genomics sequencing lab advances research with petabyte-scale AI data lake powered by Scality RING

With Scality RING-powered AI data lake, SeqOIA is accelerating research and improving patient care at a cost 3 to 5 times lower than all-flash file storage.

As part of the French Genomic Medicine Plan (France Médecine Génomique 2025), SeqOIA is one of only two national laboratories integrating whole genome sequencing into the French healthcare system to benefit patients with rare diseases and cancer.

Using whole genome sequencing, SeqOIA identifes and analyzes genetic events — such as point mutations, insertion/deletions, fusions, copy number variations, etc. — in patients to better characterize their pathology, find new treatments, and offer genetic counseling to families.

To continually advance research and enable more positive patient outcomes, the lab must avoid lost time and analysis. A seamlessly scalable, highly performant solution.

“RING is the repository for 90% of our genomics data pipeline, and we see a need for continued growth on it for years to come.”
Alban Lermine

IS and Bioinformatics Director, SeqOIA

Seamless performance, flexible scalability, lower cost

To accelerate and optimize the analysis of petabyte-scale genetics data for medical diagnostics, SeqOIA adopted Scality RING.

RING grants SeqOIA biologists efficient access from thousands of compute nodes to nearly 10 petabytes of data throughout its lifecycle, spanning from lab data to processed data, at accelerated speeds and a cost 3 to 5 times lower than that of all-flash file storage.

“In collaboration with Scality, we have solved our analytics processing needs through a two-tier storage solution, with all-flash access of temporary hot data sets and long-term persistent storage in RING.

We trust RING to protect the petabytes of mission-critical data that enable us to carry out our mission of improving care for patients suffering from cancer and other diseases.”

Alban Lermine

IS and Bioinformatics Director, SeqOIA


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