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International bank does backup storage by the numbers. Worried about the reliability and throughput of their existing backup solution, Natixis was looking at new storage options.

Taneja Group Customer Profile of Natixis using Scality RING

Natixis Case Study

Read this Taneja Group Case Study to learn how the Scality RING delivered:

  • Guaranteed recovery and support for multiple service levels
  • Single-system backup for 3 physically separate sites
  • Disk rebuild times of under 20 minutes for large data sets
  • Smooth integration with the bank’s backup software, IBM Tivoli (TSM)

Read the case study to find out why Natixis is so happy with their choice. Download the Case Study

After experiencing extended recovery times following multiple disk failures, a large global investment bank realized they needed better backup storage: a platform with higher durability and throughput, greater file consolidation, and lower TCO.

They opted for the Scality RING, and achieved all this and more. A core part of Groupe BPCE, the second-largest banking group in France, Natixis deployed the Scality RING for their core operations in April 2016.

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Natixis — Paris, France HQ

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