LAKE Solutions

LAKE dips into intelligent data storage to deliver agile backup-as-a-service offering

The solution allows for accommodation of unpredictable customer demands with the agility and economics of the cloud

Successful service providers understand that they must not only offer a service customers need but also deliver that service with the efficiency, reliability, and economics customers expect. This is where LAKE Solutions — one of the leading cloud service providers in Switzerland — shines.
Customers of all types and sizes rely on LAKE, and each has their own unique needs. To accommodate these differences, LAKE has designed agility into its business at every level. The flexibility that LAKE offers customers is a key differentiating factor that helps the company maintain its competitive edge.
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Lake Solutions

Leading service provider sees success with its flexible, cloud-delivered BaaS offering

The challenge

LAKE had a backup offering in need of an upgrade, but the company was in search of more than just upgraded hardware. With customers always top of mind, LAKE wanted its backup-as-a-service offering to bring new capabilities to the people it serves.
The constant uncertainty around demand and how much backup capacity customers would require over time had historically posed a major challenge. The old model required large upfront investment in capacity, and if a customer needed to scale back, LAKE still carried that cost — far from ideal.
“One of our unique selling points is we can accommodate the various wishes of our customers. This is why we need a very flexible backup solution. Scality RING allows customers to back up to our cloud with just about any backup software on the market.”
Roman Hegnauer

Chief sales officer, LAKE Solutions

The outcome

With flexibility at the core of LAKE’s requirements, HPE Apollo 4000 systems and Scality RING, delivered with HPE GreenLake, provides the optimal solution for its cloud-delivered backup-as-a-service offering. Now LAKE can:
  • Scale the solution disk by disk instead of needing to add entire system nodes
  • Accommodate individual customers at a granular level as their backup requirements change
  • Better manage costs to be both competitive and profitable thanks to the ability to flex capacity up or down (and only pay for the actual capacity used)
  • Offer its customers a choice of backup services thanks to RING’s support of all major backup ISVs
  • Automatically replicate data between its two data centers, opening up the possibility for introducing new services to customers, such as data archiving.
“The combination of HPE Apollo 4000 systems and Scality RING, delivered with HPE GreenLake, makes our backup-as-a-service offering more elastic and secure. It gives us a durable platform for introducing additional services.”
Daniele Palazzo

Chief operating officer, LAKE Solutions


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