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Powering hybrid cloud

Scality complements Azure cloud services and enables a new generation of hybrid cloud data management solutions:
  • Scale-out storage to extend Azure edge solutions
  • Hybrid cloud data use cases and workflows
  • High performance file interface for Azure Blob Storage
  • Amazon S3 to Azure Blob API translation

Scale-out storage to extend Azure edge solutions

Azure Stack Hub and Azure Stack Edge are on-premises extensions of Azure that allow enterprises to consistently build and run hybrid applications across cloud boundaries.

When these applications require petabyte-scale storage, especially in a disconnected or air-gapped deployment, Scality allows customers to augment Azure’s edge solutions with on-premises, scale-out storage and data orchestration capabilities.

Hybrid cloud data use cases and workflows

As Scality’s customers incorporate more and more public cloud services into their IT operations, they are implementing hybrid cloud data management use cases including:

    • Archiving: Transitioning on-premises data to cheap cloud storage for long-term archive and data retention
    • Disaster recovery: Maintaining a copy of on-premises data in the cloud for business continuity
    • Service bursting: Replicating a subset of on-premises data to the cloud to leverage any number of value added cloud services from compute or IaaS to artificial intelligence or machine learning services

    High performance file interface for Azure Blob Storage

    Scality running in Azure provides a completely stateless, POSIX-compatible interface supporting SMB 3.0 as well as NFS v3 and v4.1. The solution is hosted in a customer’s Azure subscription and connects to the customer’s Azure Blob storage accounts. Any number of virtual machines can be spun up on-demand to linearly scale performance, and Scality tiers data across Azure Blob to optimize performance and costs.

    Amazon S3 to Azure Blob API translation

    Scality provides a stepping stone into a multicloud world by enabling you to immediately consume Azure Blob Storage with your proven Amazon S3 applications — without any application modifications.

    Scality software can run as a stateless container within your Azure subscription, providing scale-out performance and advanced security innovations as data never leaves your control. Scality stores data in Azure-native format so you can access your data with any Azure cloud service, such as Azure Machine Learning, Microsoft Power BI toolsets, Video Indexer and more.

    This deployment model and the architecture drive a number of key benefits:

    • Fast and easy deployment through a few clicks in the Azure Marketplace
    • Amazon S3 API compatible for bucket, objects and multi-part upload operations
    • Stateless architecture enables scale-out performance, load balancing and failover
    • Data stored in Azure Blob Storage is in native Container and Blob format, so it can be accessed directly from other Azure applications and services 

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