All-in-one storage solution

GIGABYTE has proudly partnered with Scality to produce off-the-shelf, validated platforms for the Scality RING portfolio. Customers are able to leverage these validated systems to speed up deployment and time to market without fear of compatibility issues, thus simplifying IT operations and services.

Scale-up storage used to be the solution for increased data capacity — but at the cost of wasted, idle storage which comes with financial implications. Today, IT demands efficient, self-adjusting storage and zero downtime, while keeping management unified and simplified.

GIGABYTE makes high-quality servers designed for reliability and 24/7 operation in the datacenter, which are now used by some of the world’s largest companies. With growth over 100% year over year, customers now have the opportunity to pair GIGABYTE servers with Scality RING software for a rock solid storage platform.


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