Cloud and Edge Storage

Agility, Flexibility and Scalability for Modern Digital Business

Edge and Cloud

Scality offers a leading Cloud and Edge Storage Solution. The world of application development and Cloud and Edge Storage is transforming from monolithic applications to a new model of stateless, container-based microservices. These applications can be deployed in a portable and agile manner in a wide variety of private and public cloud environments.

For application content created and managed by these apps, the use of RESTful object storage protocols an ideal match. Popularity of the AWS S3 API, OpenStack Swift, and Azure Blob APIs in addition to simple vendor-neutral REST protocols, provide a natural “cloud native storage” functionality for these apps such as provided by the Scality RING.

Storage Applications

As enterprises transform their businesses, new cloud native mobile apps, edge cloud portals and SaaS offerings deployed as microservices will require cloud native storage. This includes enterprise applications consuming content such as document repositories, imaging, video and consumer facing applications in banking, online trading, insurance, travel, entertainment and many other industries.

Edge and Cloud Storage Infrastructure

Service providers are building cloud services that require massively scalable cloud native storage. Service management portals, business-to-business and business-to-consumer offerings such as cloud backup, archive, photo sharing, video streaming as well as core infrastructure (IaaS) all require access to cloud native object storage, over AWS S3 style REST protocols.

Cloud and Edge Storage Pain Points

  • Data Growth

    With the explosive data growth of content from new cloud native apps, data storage demands will increase beyond today’s storage system limits.
  • Legacy Cloud Native Storage

    Legacy interfaces such as SAN and NAS systems do not provide cloud native storage interfaces for application data.
  • No Storage Agility

    A lack of agility makes it difficult to provision cloud storage services in on-premises storage solutions.
  • Data Storage Limits

    Limitations from traditional storage systems have insufficient performance for the access characteristics of cloud native apps.
  • Use Case Hosting

    Inability to host multiple use-cases from on-premises storage solutions do not provide cloud-style multi-tenancy capabilities.
  • Data Lock In

    High cost & lock-in from using public cloud storage such as AWS S3 can explode costs and create lock-in to specific vendor APIs.

Scality Value Proposition for Cloud and Edge Storage

  • Unbounded Cloud Storage

    RING supports growth of cloud and edge storage services to dozens of Petabytes and beyond.
  • Industry Leader

    Industry-leading cloud and edge storage, Scality’s comprehensive support of AWS S3, OpenStack Swift and native RESTful APIs.
  • Data Storage Agility

    Super agile storage for easy and fast provisioning of new cloud and edge storage services, buckets with a self-service portal for point-and-click identity management.
  • Cloud Performance

    Scality RING can scale to support unbounded numbers of applications and end-users at cloud scale.
  • Cloud Security

    Secure multi-tenancy means RING provides a 100% AWS compatible Identity and Access Management (IAM) model with secure authentication & access control policies.
  • No Lock In

    Avoidance of lock-in: RING supports multiple cloud native APIs, Zenko can make any cloud-native app ready for hybrid and multi-cloud on AWS, Azure, Google and Wasabi.
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