Scality at Cisco Connect ASEAN 2021

12 October 2021

cisco asean

Storage solutions from Cisco and Scality enable an end-to-end application experience by integrating storage at the infrastructure layer while still gaining the benefits of software-defined storage

More data is being created, stored and transported by your organization than ever before. Our joint storage solution provides predictable and reliable scale-out storage that easily facilitates exponential data growth.

Scality and Cisco have common customers in multiple industries, use cases and continents. They rely on our mission-critical applications, including advancing intelligent mobility, ensuring petabytes of medical imaging data remain secure and available, preserving digitized national treasures, supporting millions of email and entertainment subscribers, improving security in prison facilities, and more.

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    A success story

    Cisco and Scality

    Cisco and Scality have many joint successful customers references in the finance and telecom industry.


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