In tough times, making it easy for customers to capture economies is more critical than ever. Scality NAS Archiver assesses data access patterns, providing a report that exposes potential savings for IT.

San Francisco, CA — April 14, 2020 — Scality, leader in software solutions for global data orchestration and distributed file and object storage, today announced that it is introducing a new product to help organizations uncover savings potential in data storage. Scality NAS Archiver assesses data access patterns, providing a report that exposes potential savings for IT, easily and painlessly, and then moves inactive data from expensive Tier-1 network-attached storage (NAS) to more cost-efficient Scality RING archival storage that still keeps that data on-line and always accessible.

Available now from Scality and its partners, the Scality NAS Archiver offers a one-stop solution for NAS data assessment, offload and archiving to Scality RING to uncover new economies for data centers.  Providing a wide-range of migration policies based on file size, file types, file age and more, the advanced and flexible stub-based archiving model ensures that data migration from the NAS to the RING stays perfectly seamless and totally transparent, leaving the NAS operating as before with no impact to applications it serves.

“The pressure is on organizations of all kinds—especially now—to find ways to be as lean as possible,” said Paul Speciale, Scality’s Chief Product Officer. “Tier-1 NAS plays an important role in the data center, but its high cost flags it as being worth a closer look. Automating the analysis, reporting and, ultimately, the migration to the lower-cost, yet still online Scality RING file and object storage simply makes sense, and our NAS Archiver makes it easier.”

“Studies show that as much as 80% of data currently stored on network-attached storage systems is no longer active, yet it’s still using expensive resources: premium storage space and backup resources”, said Amita Potnis, research director, Content Infrastructure at IDC. “With Scality NAS Archiver users can benefit from TCO savings without losing data access by reclaiming precious capacity in their NAS systems, and also the associated costs of backing up the data on the NAS.”

To help customers get an idea of the benefits this could reap in their specific environments, Scality has created an online TCO calculator.  In addition, the company is offering custom analysis to help customers see a more precise analysis of their own data, that reveals truly achievable savings estimates.

About Scality

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