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Scality RING Organic Storage Enhances Storage Optimization for Panzura Customers

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Tyna Callahan

Tyna Callahan

Sr. Director of Communications

Panzura, a leading provider of global cloud storage solutions

The ability to handle scale and provide high levels of performance
San Jose, CA, December 14th 2011


As part of a significant expansion in its cloud ecosystem announced today, Panzura, a leading provider of global cloud storage solutions, and Scality, scale out storage pioneer, announced full support for Scality RING Organic Storage™ infrastructure, enhancing Panzura’s comprehensive public and private cloud storage solution for globally-distributed enterprises. These enterprises are increasingly embracing the PanzuraTM solution for seamless global file storage from edge to core due to its unrivaled levels of performance, security, and cost savings.
This ecosystem expansion gives Panzura customers greater choice of cloud storage providers, now including the option to access core data repositories built with Scality’s highly-scalable, object-based storage solution, RING Organic Storage, which quickly and cost-effectively addresses the explosive growth of unstructured data. Regardless of the number of physical sites, Panzura presents a common file system with full read/write capabilities, allowing stored data to be centralized in the Scality RING, yet remaining fully accessible by clients in any location to facilitate global file access. Panzura File System Controllers fit seamlessly into customers’ existing data centers and edge infrastructure, requiring no process changes or forklift upgrades.

The Panzura solution manages all aspects of data security, snapshot-based restore points, access control, and performance across the network.

“Scality is committed to empowering enterprises and service providers to deliver on the extraordinary demand for storage of unstructured data from their employees and end-users,” said Jérôme Lecat, CEO of Scality. “The ability to handle scale and provide high levels of performance to NFS and CIFS clients, as well as between the distributed enterprise locations, is rare. Panzura helps us to deliver on our customers’ vision – infinite memory and seamless collaboration by enabling access to data from anywhere, anytime.”

“Customers are increasingly discovering the power of our on-premise cloud storage appliance that integrates seamlessly into their existing infrastructures and scales across multiple sites for real-time file access across all sites,” said Howard Dratler, CEO, Panzura. “The addition of the Scality RING to the Panzura ecosystem enables customers to optimize storage across their entire enterprise.”

About Panzura

Panzura optimizes enterprise data storage management and distribution in the cloud, making cloud storage simple and secure. Panzura’s revolutionary global cloud storage solution seamlessly combines the flexibility, performance, and productivity benefits of distributed storage with the manageability, security, and cost benefits of centralized storage, overcoming fundamental administrator vs. user and budget vs. performance conflicts. With Panzura, data location no longer affects usage. For more information, visit www.panzura.com or email info@Panzura.com.


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Since 2009, Scality has been enabling people to derive maximum value from data by solving their cloud-scale data storage and management challenges with our award-winning RING and Zenko technologies. More than 500 million users rely on Scality RING and Zenko™ to store and manage hundreds of petabytes of data – more than one trillion data objects.

A recognized leader in distributed file and object storage, Scality offers solutions for today’s reality of hybrid and multi-cloud data management. RING turns commodity x86 servers into an unlimited storage pool for unstructured data, whether file or object; and the Zenko multi-cloud controller, available in open source and enterprise editions, provides a window into data, no matter where it lives, with orchestration, management and search functionality. Follow us on Twitter @scality and @zenko. Visit us at www.scality.com.


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