Provides near-instantaneous asynchronous replication environment to two active/active sites


SAN FRANCISCO – June 7, 2022 – Scality announced today that it has achieved a milestone in continuous operations and recovery point objective (RPO) for RING replication in an 80-petabyte data lake deployment for a major U.S. bank. The company engineered a deployment that satisfied the customer’s data lake requirement with a secondary disaster recovery (D/R) site, active/active access and sub-60-second RPO across two data centers separated by over 1,200 miles. With Scality, the bank now has a fully active secondary site that avoids the traditional waste and inefficiencies of an idle (passive) hot-standby solution.

The bank selected Scality’s flagship product, Scality RING, to be the storage system for its 80-petabyte data lake as part of a $100M HPE GreenLake deployment. As with many other regulated organizations, the bank required a secondary D/R site for this data lake to provide continuous uptime and failover in the event of a site outage.

Whereas traditional mirrored solutions would require idle application and infrastructure on the D/R site, RING provides two-site active/active access, which is out of reach for many other storage solutions. This allows applications on both sites to effectively operate equally as primary sites that can read and write data. Scality’s solution provides high-performance bidirectional replication, with observability for replication monitoring to ensure simplified operations.

The RING deployment provides high-performance S3 API access, with peak performance rates to support hundreds of terabytes per day of new data to be written and simultaneously replicated to the other site. RING replication is near-instantaneous even in asynchronous mode. In the event one of the sites suffers an outage or failure, applications will access data seamlessly and without disruption, so the bank can continue normal operations.

Giorgio Regni, CTO, Scality, said: “Financial institutions have to protect themselves from potential data center failure — and they’re dealing with massive amounts of sensitive data, so this is true operations at scale. Traditional storage systems offer only active/passive replication capabilities, which wastes resources on the secondary site. Scality and HPE GreenLake worked together to help the bank save significant costs and simplify operations through an industry-leading active/active disaster recovery solution.”


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