Analyst report that evaluates vendors based on technical capabilities, roadmap, execution and ability to innovate puts Scality in its Leaders circle with ‘Outperformer’ designation

San Francisco, CA – March 18, 2020 – Scality, a leader in software solutions for global data orchestration and distributed file and object storage, today shared that the new GigaOm Market Landscape Report: GigaOm Radar for Enterprise Object Storage, placed Scality in the Leaders circle in the GigaOm Radar for Enterprise Object Storage, with the further designation of Outperformer.

With the highest combined score for Key Criteria and Evaluation Metrics, Scality excelled in:

  • Maturity  the maturity and solidity of the product, user acceptance, and overall ecosystem sustainability
  • Innovation – differentiation, innovative aspects of the product and overall vendor approach to the market
  • Platform Play – its place as a horizontal (as opposed to niche) platform that can face a broad range of challenges, with a comprehensive feature set and extensive ecosystem
“Every aspect of data storage, access, and management has changed in the last few years. The internet, high-speed networks, cloud, powerful mobile devices, and IoT have profoundly altered the ways in which data is created and consumed by users and applications. Digital transformation processes embraced by most organizations have further amplified the need for data to be accessible from anywhere, on any device, and at any time. This is an unstoppable trend, and traditional storage technologies are simply not up to the task. With access methods, protocols, parallelism, and scalability requirements that are often beyond the reach of these types of systems, enterprises need new solutions for building sustainable IT infrastructures and meeting ever-growing challenges.”
Enrico Signoretti


Scality’s RING8 was developed to solve the complexities that come with today’s growing hybrid cloud data trends driven by edge computing. The increase in enterprise and public clouds for core workloads, and the proliferation of data generation and use at the edge drive ever more complex data management challenges.  More and more organizations are leveraging the benefits of hybrid cloud for data protection and disaster recovery options, in addition to keeping data near cloud compute resources. This brings new challenges that demand proven solutions to store, govern and orchestrate massive volumes of data across geographies and clouds.  Scality’s synergy with public clouds, including Wasabi, Google, AWS and Azure—including the development of the Azure Blob API to enable easy 2-way data movement—keep cloud options wide-open for our customers.  
“Scality offers better scalability and features that are more aligned with high performance, hybrid, and multi-cloud needs.”
Enrico Signoretti


About Scality

Scality® storage propels companies to unify data management no matter where data lives — from edge to core to cloud. Our market-leading file and object storage software protects data on-premises and in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With RING and ARTESCA, Scality’s approach to managing data across the enterprise accelerates business insight for sound decision-making and maximum return on investment. To compete in a data-driven economy, IT leaders and application developers trust Scality to build sustainable, adaptable solutions. Scality is recognized as a leader by Gartner and IDC. Follow us @scality and LinkedIn. Visit, or subscribe to our company blog.

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